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Why should I choose My Color Elixir?

Because My Color Elixir with Color Magnet from APIVITA attracts color to the hair like a magnet, for beautiful hair!

The My Color Elixir permanent hair color will revitalize your hair and give it lasting color and shine! It combines excellent color transfer and full gray coverage while caring for your hair and reducing damage. This means My Color Elixir helps to deeply nourish and reconstruct the hair as you color it.
With Color Magnet which stabilizes and seals the color into the hair structure! The new hair color line is based on the innovative Color Magnet system, a 2-step ritual that ensures full coverage as well as long lasting radiance and shine! First, the color cream with 3 precious oils (argan, avocado and olive) ensures full gray coverage and shine in just 30 minutes. The oils work consecutively to stabilize the color and repair the hair structure, while coloring your hair. The second step is an post-color conditioner with hyaluronic acid and honey extracts that seals color into the hair structure, conditions the hair and creates a protective film to maximize color intensity and shine. Now you know the secret to healthy, shiny hair!
With 34 new shades, it's easy to use with a creamy texture and pleasant fragrance!
FREE FROM PPDs, ammonia, alcohol, silicone and many other substances that could irritate sensitive scalps and also harm the environment.

How do I choose the right shade?

Take the test and find your perfect shade.
You can also visit a pharmacy that carries this range where you will be able to consult the My Color Elixir color chart and receive advice.

What is Color Magnet?

An innovative system that stabilizes and locks color into the hair shaft.

How it works:
Ensure maximum color intensity and a long lasting color result in just 2 steps:
Step 1: Achieve full grey coverage and shine in just 30 minutes by using the hair color cream with 3 precious oils (argan, avocado and olive) which act in combination to stabilize the color and repair the hair structure, while coloring your hair.
Step 2: Increase the intensity and shine with the post color hair conditioner with hyaluronic acid and honey extract, which moisturizes hair, creating a protective film that seals the color into the hair structure and enhances shine in colored hair. Re-apply after 15 days.
The hair holds on to the color like a magnet.

Are the shades in the new APIVITA hair color range similar to the old ones?

Choosing the right shade depends on many things, including your natural hair color or the current shade of your colored hair, how much white you have and the volume of the color developing emulsion.
You should therefore consider each range differently.
To choose the right color for you, take the test!

How many levels can I lift my hair color?

Select 1-2 levels lighter or the same level. You can lighten your natural hair color by 1-2 levels using the 20Vol Color Developer or by 2-3 levels using the 30Vol Color Developer. However, you can select any darker color you wish.
Tip: Your natural hair color is the color at your roots, not the ends.
Already colored hair will not lighten significantly with another application. Select a shade that is the same level as your current hair color. If your hair color is very light and you want to darken it, proceed gradually by opting for a color that is 2 levels darker.

What does the numbering on each hair color mean?

My Color Elixir has 34 shades that belong to 7 color families, as summarized in the table below:

The first number before the full stop refers to the level of the hair color, i.e. how dark or how light it is. The levels range from 1 to 10:
1. Black, 3. Dark brown, 4. Brown, 5. Light Brown, 6. Dark blonde, 7. Blonde, 8. Light blonde, 9.Very light blonde, 10. Platinum blonde.


The first number after the full stop refers to the basic tone, i.e. the specific tone of each dye, or the additional colors that are mixed with the basic colors to create new ones.
.1 Ash (blue), .8 Pearl (purple), .3 Gold (yellow), .7 Sand (green), .4 Copper (orange), .5 Mahogany, .6 Red.
The second number after the full stop indicates the secondary tone or the secondary reflection, but in a smaller quantity.
For example “.18”: The first number indicates that the base is ash and the second indicates that it also has a few pearly reflections.
When the two numbers following the full stop are the same, the result will be intense.
For example, .11 indicates that the color is intense ash.


I have whites. What shades should I use to achieve perfect coverage?

  • If you have more than 50% grey hair, you could combine the color of your choice with the corresponding color from the range of NATURAL colors. E.g., if you choose color 7.35, mix half a tube of that color with half a tube of color 7.0 from the NATURAL range. For the hair ends use shade 7.35 on its own.
  • If you have less than 50% grey hair, you can lighten your hair color 1 to 3 levels compared to your roots natural shade and you can darken it by selecting any color you prefer.

My hair has highlights. Can I use My Color Elixir hair color?

Yes! If your hair is highlighted, more than one application may be required to achieve a uniform color. For better coverage, choose one of the basic colors (X.0). If your highlights were created by bleaching the hair, this might affect the reflections of the color you choose.
In this case, you should avoid ash and very dark tones.

I used to use henna and now want to color my hair using My Color Elixir. Can I do that?

If you have colored your hair with henna or a semi-permanent color, you should wait until the color is completely gone in order to get a uniform result.

I use a different hair color or I get my hair colored at a hair salon and now want to use My Color Elixir. Can I do that?

Yes! If you use another permanent hair color or had your color done at a hair salon, you can use My Color Elixir. It is specifically designed for easy application at home in just 30 minutes.
Choose the right color for you out of the 34 shades available according to the instructions on how to choose your color.

How do I apply color after the first application?

As hair grows out you may need to touch up the roots (3-4 weeks from the initial application):

  • Protect clothes by putting a towel over your shoulders. Remove any jewellery and wear the gloves provided during the entire colour application stage. Apply a small quantity of natural oil around the forehead in order to avoid coloring the skin
  • Pour the entire content of color cream tube (A) into the color developer bottle (B). Mixing ratio 1:1.5
  • Replace the cap on the bottle (Β) and shake until the mixture is smooth. After completing the mixture, cut the tip off the applicator at the end of the cap and start the application IMMEDIATELY.
  • Apply the mixture to the roots using the tip of the applicator bottle to separate the strands (B). Leave it on for 20-30 minutes.
  • If your lengths and ends have faded in colour, apply the remaining mixture on the rest of your hair. Leave it on for another 5-10 minutes.
  • When the processing time is up, massage hair using a small amount of lukewarm water allowing the mixture to turn into lather. Rinse hair thoroughly until the water runs clear and then wash with APIVITA Color Protect Shampoo with sunflower and honey.
  • Apply the post color hair conditioner. Massage into hair thoroughly to enable the ingredients to penetrate and seal the color.
  • Leave the conditioner on for 3 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Re-apply after 15 days.

I find it more convenient to use a brush and bowl. Can I do that?

Yes! If you want, you can use a brush and bowl. Empty the content of the tube into a glass or plastic bowl and add the color developer. Stir thoroughly with the brush until you get a homogeneous mixture; start application immediately.

Is it necessary to use the “Post-Color Conditioner”?

Yes! The “Post-Color Conditioner” is necessary as it is the second step in the Color Magnet activation process. It boosts intensity and shine thanks to hyaluronic acid and honey extracts that condition the hair and enhance the vibrancy of colored hair. Reapply after 15 days to refresh color.

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