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The sources of inspiration that have sustained us ever since the establishment of APIVITA are the wondrous honeybee society, the unique features of Greek nature and Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

The beehive is a super-organism that constantly generates value. Through pollination, it ensures the sustainability of ecosystems, while providing us with precious beekeeping products.

Greek nature, with its rich biodiversity, unique indigenous plants and herbs of high biological value is an invaluable natural treasure.

Hippocrates, the first holistic physician, philosopher and teacher. He continues to instruct and inspire us to this day, through his faith in the power of nature, his dedication to fellow-humans and a 2,500-year-old heritage of knowledge supporting a holistic approach to health, well-being and beauty.

The name of APIVITA is derived from the Latin words APIS (Bee) and VITA (Life), and means “life of the bee”. Our logo is inspired by the “Bees of Malia”, a rare Minoan piece of jewellery from the Middle Bronze Age (c. 1,700 BC) representing fertility and harmony.


Ever since the day it was created, APIVITA has constantly remained true to its values and to its mission to promote a natural way of life.

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APIVITA takes care to reduce the impact from its operations on people and the environment. This is why we launch initiatives for the protection of the environment and we invest in education and awareness for all our employees, partners, customers and friends.

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