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1st Agora


In antiquity, the agora (marketplace) was the educational, philosophical and social hub of the city.
Likewise, on this floor, we educate, philosophize, inquire, discuss, propose, offer service and provide care…

The centerpiece of our “agora” is the NATURAL PHARMACY. White furniture and counters along with old apothecary bottles make APIVITA’s past seem more contemporary than ever. After all, it was on such a counter that the first APIVITA shampoo and the royal jelly cream were created, 35 years ago. Today, at a counter like that one, our expert staff will listen to your needs, suggest and prepare solutions just for you – such as rich moisturizing creams with Q10 coenzyme, vitamin C and E, or exquisite bath foams with essential oils of your choice.


The JUICY BEE is the first organic juice bar in Greece, offering cold-pressed juices that preserve as much of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables as possible: vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Sophia Koutsiana, Vice President of APIVITA, health coach and yoga teacher, introduces a comprehensive and holistic approach to health, beauty and detoxification with the first strictly organic juice bar that puts the Hippocratic maxim: “You are what you eat” into practice.

Make sure to try Bee Young – with almond milk, banana, blackberry and honey… because health and beauty start “from within”!


The JUICY BEE juice bar, on the first floor of the APIVITA EXPERIENCE STORE, with its original, fresh, energizing, delicious, detoxifying suggestions, can help anyone wishing to follow a more natural nutritional regimen or just add a tasty and healthy touch to their day!


By offering superb cold-pressed juices that preserve as much of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables as possible: vitamins, minerals and trace elements. All juices, smoothies and shots are fortified with superfoods, herb extracts and vitamins. All made according to original recipes that combine green vegetables and fruits with organic honey, pollen, propolis, herbs from APIVITA’s organic farms and beehives.

The “Juicy Bee” is the first juice bar in Athens to prepare fresh almond milk every morning, plain or with honey, pollen and raw cacao, as well as the amazingly detoxifying, exceptionally wholesome wheatgrass juice, known for its therapeutic and antioxidant properties.

Our desire is that the juice bar will embody APIVITA’s expertise and our holistic approach to health and beauty. An approach that we want to take one step further and turn into a way of life, since we firmly believe that real beauty starts with the way we live and what we eat. We are what we eat, Hippocrates said – at APIVITA, we put this into practice, daily.

Juicy Bee Bar - Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat: 10am-5pm
Sun: Closed


Admittedly, you will find it hard to leave the first floor; no wonder, since it literally drips with honey and other precious bee products and herbs from the most blessed parts of Greece.

Honey from APIGEA and herbs from the APIVITA FARM. This particular area carries on its shelves the long bee-keeping experience and expertise of Mr. Koutsianas, as well as his passion for the promotion of choice Greek bee products, such as royal jelly, bee pollen, honey.

You should absolutely ask to try our bee pollen and discover recipes for a healthy and delicious breakfast. Before you go, don’t forget to scoop some dittany, wild rose hips and mountain tea into a little bag, to take a little bit of the Hippocratic wisdom and Greek nature home with you…


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