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At APIVITA, sustainable development is directly linked to our corporate values such as excellence, innovation and responsibility. Our goal is to grow in a way that will enable future generations to also develop and our financial, social and environmental impacts are assessed in terms of their contribution to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

By adopting a responsible stance, APIVITA is making efforts to reduce its environmental footprint through the responsible management of the resources it uses, the eco-friendly design of its products and its environmental behavior which not only affects its activities but also the life cycle of its products.

Through the efforts to limit its energy footprint and promote responsible environmental awareness across the spectrum of its business activity, APIVITA contributes to the achievement of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals and in particular Goal 7: “Affordable and Clean Energy”, Goal 8: “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, Goal 12: “Responsible Production and Consumption”, and Goal 13: “Climate Action”.

Our green philosophy is clearly shown at APIVITA’s bioclimatic premises situated at the Industrial Park of Markopoulo, Mesogaia, Greece.

APIVITA factory and office building is characterized by cutting-edge technology with provisions made for energy savings, water management, the creation of a micro-climate and enhancement of biodiversity.

At APIVITA we remain committed to improving our sustainable business approach and to contribute to the virtuous circle of value creation for society and nature.

APIVITA prefers to use EMAS and FSC certified recycled or eco-certified paper which is biodegradable and is sourced from sustainably managed forests. At the same time, the paper must be chlorine-free (chlorination being method of bleaching which burdens the environment) and shall not contain heavy metals.

Moreover, the company avoids laminating its paper packaging and has managed to reduce the weight of the carton packaging in the development of new face care products by 30%. In the same category, it has reduced the weight of its glass packaging for new face care products by 10%, replacing the traditional glass vase with new vase that meets pharmaceutical specifications.

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Our sources of inspiration have remained the same ever since APIVITA was set up: the honeybee society, the uniqueness of Greek nature and Hippocrates, the father of Medicine.

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APIVITA created and maintains the Hippocratic Botanical Garden, on the island of Kos, to help raise awareness of Hippocrates’ work throughout the world and ensure that the knowledge he handed down to us will be passed on to future generations.

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