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At APIVITA, we believe that society, people and culture along with the environment, the planet and natural resources are all elements that belong to the same equation. Sustainable development is ensured when all of the above are in complete balance. This holistic perspective was integrated into our business strategy when APIVITA was established, in 1979, and it continues to be part of our strategy to this day.

This is why APIVITA sets environmental, as well as financial targets. We methodically study the impact our operations have on people and the natural environment. We strive to reduce that impact, take initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and preventing pollution, and act proactively to improve our environmental indicators. APIVITA also invests in the ongoing education and awareness of all our employees and partners, our customers and our friends.

Our green philosophy is most clearly evident in APIVITA’s bioclimatic premises at the Industrial Park of Markopoulo, Mesogaia, Greece.

The premises include a biological waste treatment system for liquid and solid waste resulting from manufacturing processes (industrial waste) as well as for municipal waste generated by human activities.

The company has reduced the weight of paper packaging in the development of new face products by 30%. We have also reduced the weight of glass packaging for new face products by 10%, replacing traditional containers with apothecary jars.

The building’s operations are partly supported by an innovative renewable energy sources system, so that 12 % of the energy used comes from geothermal energy systems and solar power. Our aim is to increase this to 25% and eventually, by 2020, to cover the remaining 75% through other renewable sources of energy.

We minimize the materials we use for packaging and promotion (stands and printed materials) as much as possible, and we increase the use of recycled or environmentally certified raw materials. To this end, we choose recycled or environmentally certified materials for the packaging of our products and prefer to use recycled or environmentally certified paper while avoiding laminated packaging paper. The paper we use is biodegradable, EMAS & FSC certified, sourced from sustainably managed forests, unbleached (chlorine bleaching is a process which has harmful effects on the environment) and heavy metal-free.

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Our sources of inspiration have remained the same ever since APIVITA was set up: the honeybee society, the uniqueness of Greek nature and Hippocrates, the father of Medicine.

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APIVITA created and maintains the Hippocratic Botanical Garden, on the island of Kos, to help raise awareness of Hippocrates’ work throughout the world and ensure that the knowledge he handed down to us will be passed on to future generations.

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