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Tasos Choukalas - New Business Development Director

My name is Anagnosti John Choukalas but my friends call me Taso. I joined the APIVITA Hive back in 2004 after having a cup of Greek mountain tea with the founders. As an environmental biologist I was inspired by them and their love for nature. As a passionate individual I was moved by their passion for what they do. I understood the dream and the journey that leads to it so I decided to unconditionally hop on board. They say that bees only fly about 4-6 km away from the Hive. The APIVITA “bees” are unique and with no limitations, they constantly are in search for new pastures and valleys full of ‘flowers and trees”. The past 6 years I have learned that when you dream the unachievable and you achieve then you will dream again. I started as a product manager in the marketing department then moved to the helm of the Supplies and Purchases Department. The past year I have the honour to lead the New Business Development and the Corporate Social Responsibility team which beats at the heart of APIVITA.

It’s all about the journey and that is why I joined the APIVITA family: nature and science, tradition and innovation, society and culture, human relations and ethical business, values and people all in harmony delivering great natural products and services, environmental and social messages to the global community. I believe that this is beyond any cause and this is why consciously, willingly and most of all passionately I fly back to the hive every day for more “bee dancing” and “nectarful” adventurous journeys.

Raising the awareness to environmental and natural product consciousness of colleagues, suppliers and business associates, friends and family provides a very tangible benefit in my life. I just feel like APIVITA is the place where I can be my best, deliver great work and give back to society and nature in the process.

Anna Patera - R&D Director

I’ve been working as a chemist in APIVITA since 1992. Until today, there have been many changes: the building, my office, the people I work with, the products and their technology, the environment, the market, the legislations… But there are certain stable, unchangeable values that make me love APIVITA. The most important one is the unshakeable faith that each one of us has that we do something different, that we do the right thing. Our work also comprises a small contribution to the big issues that concern the contemporary man, such as the environmental disaster and the attempt to improve our every day life.

My job is one the most creative and pleasant ones: I am responsible for the development of new products and I am lucky to be able to see the product from the birth of the initial idea until its effectuation and its “entrance” in the world.

All our products in APIVITA are my “children”. I love them, I admire them, I am proud of them, I use them daily and they return this love by taking care of me, my family and my friends and by making our lives more beautiful.

Christina Arseni - International Marketing Manager

I have been working for the International Marketing Department of APIVITA since 2004.

My first degree of studies comes from University of Piraeus in Business Administration, and is followed by an MBA in International Economics at SDA BOCCONI (Milan, Italy). My current role in APIVITA, is focusing on planning and executing marketing activities that promote the brand internationally.

In International Marketing Department our role is not only about exposing ourselves to diverse market calls, but building an international brand, answering to global needs for natural, effective and holistic products.

Having lived more than four years abroad (China, Europe and US), speaking six languages and maintaining international networks with people I worked and studied with, allow me to feel like a “world citizen”. Through my international experience, I learned how to respect the uniqueness of each culture and adjust to it at a personal and professional level.

APIVITA has all the elements of an authentic story, a source of unique culture with respect to nature and its products. Deep roots, well-founded philosophy and integrate corporate philosophy constitute a successful brand story. Working in APIVITA makes me definitely feel special.

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