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Meet Niki Panotopoulou Koutsiana, President of APIVITA

Although her roots stem from Messinia, Niki was born and raised in Tripolis (Arkadia). She graduated from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Athens and planned on continuing her academic journey until she met Nikos in 1972. Her love for nature and alternative medicine, which she shared with Nikos, drove her down a path of aromatherapy and homeopathy therapies that were essentially unknown in Greece at that time.

Niki believes in the nourishing and healing powers of nature’s ingredients and was a founding member of the Homeopathy Society of Greece along with the Ethnopharmacology Society of Greece. At APIVITA, she oversees new product development and shares her creativity, intuition and love of nature all the way from the conception of a new product and promotions right down to the final packaging. She believes in “out of the box”, innovative ideas and holds nature as her true inspiration for new APIVITA products. Since the beginning, Niki has been the heart and soul of APIVITA’s innovative marketing and continually delivers new product ideas in natural cosmetics such as the express masks and personal cosmetics.

Niki believes that true beauty shines from within and can only be achieved by tuning into nature and finding harmony, balance and joy in life.

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