This winter APIVITA is supporting Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause. There are lots of reasons why, the most important of which is the role of bees in our environment & economy.

Bees are guardians and protectors of biodiversity. Through pollination, they contribute to the maintenance and reproduction of the ecosystem. The beehive is a super-organism, governed by the principle of the common good. It is a sustainable society, working in perfect harmony to provide high nutritional value products. Around 75% of the food we eat needs to be pollinated, and bees – wild bees, not just managed honey bees – are major players in that job. Without them, our diets would lack variety and important nutrients.

But bees are under threat… They face habitat loss, climate change and toxic pesticides. Without them so is our food and economy. In what way? For example, it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate their crops without bees!

Friends of the Earth is working to ban bee-harming pesticides, reverse climate change and protect the places bees live. They are encouraging people to make their gardens, streets and communities bee-friendly and take action to get the Government’s support for bees too.

In 2012 Friends of the Earth launched “The Bee Cause” to reverse the decline of all 250+ British bee species. Since then, they’ve had some great wins for our busy bees:

  • Persuaded governments across the UK and Ireland to back national Bee Action Plans, which will also help other pollinators such as hoverflies and moths.
  • Helped thousands of people learn about bees, as well as providing data for scientific research as part of the Great British Bee Count.
  • Supported over 500 communities across the nation to create ‘Bee Worlds’ - habitats for bees and pollinators in local communities.

There’s still a long way to go for our endangered bees to thrive and APIVITA, which name means “the life of the bee” in Latin, is proud to support the Bee Cause and Friends of the Earth work.  This is why 20% of sales from an exclusive range of honey based cosmetics, is going directly to Friends of the Earth.

Cherishing nature and bio-diversity is central to APIVITA’s approach of promoting natural beauty and wellbeing. This winter, by buying APIVITA exclusive honey based cosmetics you will be helping the Bee Cause.