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  • If you have natural, virgin hair, you can lighten your hair color from 1 to 3 levels compared to your roots natural shade and you can darken it by selecting any color you prefer.
  • If your hair is already colored, choose a color of the same level as the current color of your colored hair or a color of a darker level.
  • If you have more than 50% grey hair or stubborn grey hair, combine the color of your choice with the corresponding color from the range of NATURAL colors.
    E.g., if you choose color 7.44, mix half a tube of that color with half a tube of color 7.0 from the NATURAL range.
    For the hair ends use shade 7.44 on its own.
  • If you have highlights and you want to darken them, choose a warm or neutral tone to avoid undesirable green hue.
  • If you have very light, bleached hair (level 9 or 10) or bleached highlights, avoid cold tones. Hair salon techniques might be necessary to obtain an uniform coverage.
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