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A career with APIVITA

The business model of Apivita is centered on sustainability, and distinguished by harmony, ethics and a high level of emotional and ecological intelligence.

We believe that people make a difference and that each one of us is leaving a distinctive, positive personal “imprint”.

We create a dynamic, evolving and pleasant working environment for people who believe in the company’s philosophy and values. For people who are sensitive about the environment, who respect and protect it and who care about their fellow humans. Our people are self-motivated and active, inventive and creative, helping maintain the company’s unique character. They work together in harmony towards realizing the company’s vision and their personal objectives.

At APIVITA, we encourage the advancement of talented people through the development of skills and traits such as leadership, emotional intelligence, flexibility, innovation, initiative, teamwork, synergy, customer-orientation and entrepreneurial thinking. Our people are given opportunities for professional development through ongoing training and educational programs offering experience and expertise and focusing on professional skills, the honeybee society, the biodiversity of Greek nature, Greek culture – both in the workplace and externally. They also have the chance to gain experience in different fields and in an international environment, building a well-rounded professional profile.

If you are interested in working for APIVITA and if your way of life is compatible with our philosophy, you can send your CV to our Human Resources Department:

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