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ΑPIVITA true and fully aligned to its philosophy and values, creates products that respect society and the environment. APIVITA since founded in 1979 has chosen not to test its products and raw materials on animals to control their safety, efficacy or environmental impact and at the same time has opted to apply valid alternative methods to ensure all the above.

Developments in legislation validated our value and philosophy driven approach to animal testing. The European Union, by voting on the Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, banned animal testing in cosmetics. As a result, since July 11th 2013, no cosmetic products marketed in the European market, and fortunately in many other countries that harmonized with European legislation, can’t be tested on animals. In addition, many other countries like the US and Hong Kong, while not officially prohibiting animal testing, no longer enforce animal testing on cosmetic products.

In addition, commission regulation (EU) No 655/2013 of 10 July 2013 laid down common criteria for the justification of claims used in relation to cosmetic products, prohibits the communication of claims that the law defines as mandatory acts as this makes communication misleading for the consumer. Expressions of cruelty free, animal testing etc. are examples of false claims and misleading in this context.

In addition, since the ban on animal testing is defined by legislation, there is a corresponding control mechanism by the competent authorities from which each company can be summoned at any time and must prove its compliance. Certifications by independent organizations and structures are not considered necessary nor mandatory. Based on all the above, APIVITA continues to be compliant with EU regulations thus develops products that are not tested on animals, and chooses not to communicate this as an advantage.


Our sources of inspiration have remained the same ever since APIVITA was set up: the honeybee society, the uniqueness of Greek nature and Hippocrates, the father of Medicine.

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The creation and maintenance by APIVITA of the Hippocratic Botanical Garden, on the island of Kos, helps raise awareness about the work of Hippocrates throughout the world and ensures that the knowledge he handed down to us will be passed on to future generations.

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