Size does matter! When it comes to our summer holidays or weekend escapes we all want to travel lightweight- still not miss a thing of the personal care and beauty treatment for hair, body and face!

APIVITA mini size range now covers all essential needs.


CLEANSING – one for all!

Mini Foam Cleanser Face & Eye with olive & lavender
This practical creamy foam cleanses face and eyes from dirt and make-up without causing irritations or dehydrating skin. It is suitable for all skin types, with mild cleansing agents and natural saponaria (soapwort) used instead of soap effectively cleanse without causing irritations and dehydration to face skin and eyes.

Face and Eye Cleansing Wipes
Steeped cleansing and make-up removal wipes with chamomile, suitable for everyday use, that gently cleanse and remove make-up and impurities from the face and eye area, leaving the skin fresh and clean.


Natural Hair Care

Mini Shampoo for Frequent Use with chamomile & honey
An intense lifestyle, sports, sea, salt, sun and everyday styling are just some of the reasons that make hair need every day shampooing and care. Frequent shampooing, though, demands the right products. The Shampoo for Frequent Use gently cleanses and protects scalp from irritations thanks to its soothing and hydrating attributes.

Mini Hair Softening Conditioner for All Hair Types
A light texture cream for everyday smooth care, ideal for thin hair that gets heavy easily, moisturizes, leaving hair fluffy and easy to comb while protects against the adverse effects of the environment and the damage caused by styling products. It is Ideal for everyday use for all hair types, including oily hair.


Body Care: Jasmine or Mountain Tea?
Either you prefer the deep feminine scents of summer jasmine or the unisex refreshing tonic citrus scents of Tonic Mountain tea- these two best sellers now come in mini size.

Pure Jasmine
Moisturizing shower gel and body milk with essential oils, inspired by the principles of aromatherapy, offers a luxurious sensation of well-being thanks to its unique scent deriving from the element of jasmine. Aloe, organic lavender extract by our own cultivations -APIVITA FARM-, provitamin B5 and arginine hydrate, protect from irritations and leave skin supple.

Tonic mountain Tea
Suitable for men and women, this shower gel inspired by the principles of aromatherapy, gently cleanses the skin without dehydrating it and at the same time provides protection from oxidative stress thanks to the Greek mountain tea. It improves the mood and leaves the skin lightly scented. In both shower gel and body lotion, water is replaced by an infusion of a combination of 3 organic sideritis species (mountain tea) from our own organic cultivations (Sideritis Scardica, Sideritis Perfoliata, Sideritis Raiseri), contributing to the anti-oxidant and moisturizing effect of the product.


Mini Gentle Cleansing Gel for the Intimate Area for Daily Use
Gentle cleansing gel for the daily hygiene of the intimate area. It cleanses gently without causing dryness, it protects and soothes irritations, with organic chamomile in combination with water from organic chamomile infusion, allantoin, panthenol and bioactive aloe to soothe any irritations. It also contains propolis to prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganism and lactic acid, natural oligosaccharide and natural lipoaminoacid to help protect the natural flora of the intimate area and respect its pH.


Express Beauty Masks
Carry a mini SPA with you or create your own afterparty “hangover kit” in these little - easy to carry - sachets. Scrubs with olive or apricot, aloe or sea lavender for deep hydration, orange or pomegranate for radiance, royal jelly for instant lifting and the amazing gingko biloba to remove puffiness and dark circles from the sensitive eye area!