The International Marketing Convention is the annual conference of all APIVITA teams around the world. It is a very important event, because it is the time when the strategy, the plans and the new launches for the coming year are being presented to the APIVITA partners from all countries.

Despite the difficult circumstances this year, IMC took place digitally without lagging behind in anything from other years, with the careful attention of the IT team, which made sure everything would take place with great success.

In total, 55 countries with 135 members participated at the works of the conference during all days. There were five different groups from all around the world, with countries from Europe, Asia, America, Middle East and Africa.

What was also very important is that this virtual IMC gave the chance to all departments from the company’s headquarters to watch it live.

Global Marketing presented the activities planned until the end of 2020, as well as the plans for 2021. The participants also had the chance to pose their questions through live chat, while at the same time transmitting their impressions and their experience from the APIVITIA activity in their country.

An important moment of the conference was also the speech of the Vice Chairman of the PUIG Group, Mr Manuel Puig, who presented the group’s total activities and the results, along with the strategy for the coming period, while at the same time thanking all the APIVITA family who worked with great success through such a hard time, becoming a bright example for bigger countries to follow the model of the Greek company who now travels around the whole world.

Finally, a very optimistic message was also addressed to everyone by APIVITA’s CEO, Mr Herve Lesieur, who thanked warmly all APIVITA departments for their hard work and dedication during the whole period of the last difficult months.