Elena, 5,5, and Zoe, 11, are two kids who love school and their friends, but like all kids of their age, the thing they long the most through winter is the summer! Luckily, their favorite season has officially arrived, so we decided to make them a short interview for the hottest summer issue: the sun radiation. What they proved was exactly what we suspected: that children know precisely what they should do better than all of us!

Why do you love summer?
Elena: Because I can go swimming to the sea and also because I go every night to the square and eat ice cream
Zoe: Because we are on holidays and we go to the sea!

What do you enjoy doing the most when the weather is hot?
Elena: To go on holidays and to take the best afternoon walks!
Zoe: To go to the beach and eat ice creams…

What is your favorite place for holidays?
Elena: Derveni, where we have a small house in front of the sea and sometimes my grandmother comes.
Zoe: Lagouvardos!!

What do you always keep inside your backpack when you go to the beach?
Elena: Beach toys, swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and towel.
Zoe: Towel, sunscreen, hair oil, hair bands and… sand!

Is the sun our friend?
Elena: Not very much.
Zoe: Yes! He is our friend, but he can also become our enemy!

What can happen to us if we are not careful and what can protect us and make him our friend?
Elena: If we are not careful he can burn us with his rays and we will be read and we will hurt. This is why we must wear all the time our sunscreen, our hat, and also we must dive very often into the sea to fresh up.
Zoe: If we are not careful we can get sunburned and sunstroke. The sun is our friend when we don’t sit out for many hours. What can help us be protected is a hat, an umbrella, our sunscreen and our mom.. oh and sometimes, our dad!

Which are the spots that we must take care the most so we don’t get sunburned?
Elena: The back of our neck, our back but also everywhere, where the sun can see us.
Zoe: Our face, our back, our knees, our feet.

When is the best time to apply our sunscreen?
Elena: We put it before we go down to the beach, so we do not get sunburned while we walk to the beach…
Zoe: Before we go to the sea, and basically when we wake up before we go outside…

When is the sun the hottest?
Elena: During noon, and that’s why we go back home, have a shower and have lunch.
Zoe: While we wear our sunglasses!

What can we do if we want to stay on the beach for many hours without getting sunburned?
Elena: Stay under the umbrella, apply sunscreen frequently and drink plenty of water.
Zoe: Wear sun protective top, apply sunscreen very frequently, stay under the umbrella and drink a lot of water.

Is our sunscreen necessary only when we go to the beach in the summer? What happens when we go to school, to the playground, to the square, to the park, for bike riding or when we play in the garden?
Elena: We put sunscreen wherever we go when it is sunny, not only on the beach and not only in the summer, always when there is sun.
Zoe: It is necessary to use it also when we go for ski in the mountain during the winter. Even at school, we always have a small sunscreen in our bag. We take our walks in the afternoon so we do not need sunscreen then. Sometimes, we have a face spray with us for extra freshness… and when it finishes, we throw water at each other!

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