APIVITA at the dawn of its 35 year international journey introduces a retail innovation, ΤΗE APIVITA EXPERIENCE STORE and invites us all to try a unique personal experience that aims to stimulate all five senses.


The APIVITA EXPERIENCE STORE, designed by architect Irene Bourlou  is nestled in the heart of Kolonaki, Athens, in an imposing neoclassical building and embodies the APIVITA unique philosophy, values and inspirations. Each of the 5 welcoming floors unfolds the power of nature, the secrets and wisdom of the bee society and the rich Greek flora as well as the Hippocratic holistic approach to health, beauty and wellbeing.


The store is rich in artistic elements and details that create a special atmosphere.

The exterior door and the registry area are both custom design projects by sculptor Nikos Yiorgos Papoutsidis inspired by the APIVITA  universe and its symbols. The ground floor is dominated by a large “filoxenia” table made of wooden bee hives. Hot tea, honey  are always offered inviting visitors to have a taste  of Greek hospitality.

In the middle, an impressive olive tree, by sculptor Konstantinos Valaes, symbolizing wisdom, knowledge and Greek nature.

Greek renowned fashion designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades designed the staff’s uniforms who depicted the meaning of beauty, for APIVITA, as simple, elegant and functional clothes.

At ΤΗE APIVITA EXPERIENCE STORE products are in the spotlight and are presented with particular aesthetics that combine traditional patterns with custom made off black industrial style metal structures.


Becoming Personal: Tailor Made Natural Cosmetics

On the first floor, APIVITA introduces the concept of Natural Pharmacy.  With the help of a qualified pharmacist and aromatherapy specialist, one can create one’s own personal cosmetics, combining essential oils and aromatherapy as well as different active ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, aloe vera extract, coenzyme q10.


Juicy Bee: Drinking your way to beauty!

Sofia Koutsiana, vice-president of APIVITA, health coach and yoga teacher, creates a holistic health, beauty and detox space by creating the first strictly organic juice bar in Athens.  Juicy Bee offers smoothies, green juice, detox juices, superfoods, freshly made almond milk, wheatgrass shots, and combines fresh organic ingredients in original recipes.

An essential everyday stopover for those who believe that beauty comes from within, want to apply a more natural healthy diet or simply wish to make their day more tasty and healthy!


Greek Honey and Herbs

Products from the company’s self-owned cultivations and network of beekeepers and farmers.  APIGEA honey and APIVITA FARM herbs embody the long beekeeping and herbal knowledge and experience of APIVITA founder Mr. Nikos Koutsianas and his passion to promote the unique products of Greek nature.


The Hippocrates lecture hall

The second floor is all about knowledge: The Hippocrates lecture hall has been created in order to become a cradle of knowledge for Greek nature and the Bee society, and a cultural and intellectual focal point for art exhibitions, “green: talks, lectures and seminars.


Nature’s Ηair Studio & Barber Shop

The first “green” hair salon in Athens, with the most advanced natural hair products, natural hair colors, expert advice from the qualified staff and traditional services for men’s hair care.


The Beehive SPA

On the top floor lies the essence of the holistic APIVITA experience, the BEEHIVE SPA, a real beehive spa sanctuary! The spa cabins are made of real wooden bee hive parts and the ceiling is made of honey tinted crystal elements that literally immerse the visitor in the bee world.  At the Beehive SPA you can experience the unique effect of the precious bee products in the rejuvenation of the body and the mind through the original  13 Hippocratic treatments.


ΤΗE APIVITA EXPERIENCE STORE, introduces an unprecedented experience of innovative products and “green” services.
A way of living that is worth discovering. The APIVITA way of living!


6 Solonos St., Kolonaki, Athens
Tel: +30 210 3640560
Opening hours:
Monday - Wednesday - Saturday 10:00-17:00
Tuesday - Thursday - Friday 10:00-21:00
Note: Hair salon and Spa are closed on Mondays