It’s the most glowing season of the year, time to spread some magic, grace and reveal your most glowing face for the new year to come!

We are here to help you achieve your natural glowing look, and keep your skin healthy and radiant during the festive season and… happily ever after!

In APIVITA we believe that beauty starts from within. So, make sure you take enough sleep - even in between parties - drink plenty of water, spend time with your loved ones, and most importantly pamper yourself with a beauty routine that will help you relax and reveal your inner beauty!

We are in the very heart of winter, so it is not unusual that your skin looks pale, or dull, or lacks energy. Here are our shine-intensive steps that will restore your skin’s health and natural glow.

Step 1: Exfoliation with bilberry face scrub for radiance, suitable for all skin types - even the sensitive ones - as well as for men and teenagers. Ideal for combating discolorations and brown spots. The combination of fine almond grains and jojoba, along with mild fruit acids and bilberry, gently exfoliates and favors the renewal of cells leaving skin soft and shiny.

Step 2:  Follow with one of our radiance face masks, with Pomegranate or Orange to offer your skin vitamins, hydration and instant rejuvenation. Take 15 minutes to close your eyes, lay on the couch, and simply unwind while the masks do their amazing work!

Step 3:  Introduce your skin to a new miracle product, the Bee Radiant age defense illuminating serum with orange stem cells and vitamin C, which rejuvenates and revitalizes skin cells thanks to its enhanced composition. It regenerates the cells’ energy and to enhance their vitality. With 96% natural ingredients, the new BEE RADIANT SERUM acts in multiple levels, treating the skin’s need for antiaging and radiance in a holistic way

Step 4: Complete your beauty ritual with the light texture Bee Radiant cream with orange stem cells that recovers radiance by combining intensive anti-aging action with the smoothing of the skin’s micro-relief. Plus, the combination of natural minerals enhances the skin’s radiance and improves its color tone., while olive, pomegranate, honey and hyaluronic acid provide moisturization and comfort.

Step 5: Don’t forget the eyes! Our eyes often betray us by showing signs of aging and fatigue. Boost the area around the eye with our gingko biloba express eye mask which reduces dark circles and instantly removes puffiness and follow with 5 action eye serum. This light yet super effective serum is offering firmness, reduction of wrinkles, hydration, fights dark circles and all signs of fatigue. It is ideal to use under makeup! This “killer” eye care combination will prove to be your savior even when you decide to follow a “party hard” schedule!

Step 6:  Shine bright like a diamond… repeat and enjoy!