The main axis of APIVITA Corporate Social Responsibility program is the establishment of substantial and long-term relationships with organizations whose work we admire. One of these relationships is with the street magazine SHEDIA, which was first published on the streets of Athens on February 27, 2013. SHEDIA is the 1ST Greek street magazine and member of the International Network of Street Newspapers and offers support, relief, and motivation to our fellow citizens under conditions of homelessness as it is an opportunity to secure a minimum and decent income.

Our old and unused corporate brochures and packaging materials were transformed with the use of simple and environmentally friendly materials, into gifts of high symbolic value which we gave to our people and partners of the company. Each handmade gift is unique, and its creator is a fellow human being, who has experienced poverty and social exclusion, giving even greater value to the upcycling Shedia Art project.

At the same time, APIVITA employees, in the framework of APIVITA SUN-CARES solidarity program, visited the premises of SHEDIA Art in the centre of Athens. They had the opportunity to meet Shedia Employees and discuss about their aspirations and ideas, the challenges they face, the stories of the people supported by the Organization and the importance of volunteering.

Finally, as part of the 1st Summer Festival "We live in Athens: 9,5 weeks at Shedia Home", APIVITA in collaboration with the Bee Camp team, organized on Monday 27th of July an educational kids workshop to inform and raise the awareness of the new generation about the importance of the bees to the ecosystem!