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The beauty of summer through the eyes of children!
Elena, 5,5, and Zoe, 11, are two kids who love school and their friends, but like all kids of their age, the thing they long the most through winter is the summer! Luckily, their favorite se ...
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News 6/19/2020
NEW HYDRATION MASK with Hyalouronic Acid & Aloe
All hair types need hydration, just like our skin. One of the most modern achievements of APIVITA’s Research and Development Department is the creation of the moisturizi ...
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News 6/4/2020
We celebrate the World Environment Day with a new Urban Botanical Garden!
Through the efforts to limit its energy footprint and promote responsible environmental awareness across the spectrum of its business activity, APIVITA contributes to the achievement of the ...
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News 5/22/2020
Chios Gum Mastic - Pistacia lentiscus var. chia
Mastic is a resin from an evergreen shrub, commonly known as mastic tree. Τhe scientific name of the mastic tree is Pistacia lentiscus (L.) var. chia (Duham), it belongs to the Anacardia ...
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News 5/20/2020
The World Bee Day has come!
APIVITA celebrates once again the World Bee Day (May 20), which was established by the United Nations, to highlight the importance of bees to the ecosystem and to sound the alarm for their d ...
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