NEW WINE ELIXIR LINE for wrinkle reduction, firmness and lifted contours

Inspired by the Santorini vineyard and the science of Epigenetics, the new WINE ELIXIR emerged, powered by Santorini vine polyphenols, to reactivate skin youth and offer proven effectiveness on wrinkles, firmness and lifted contours.

The superior value of Santorini vines and polyphenols

In the rich volcanic soil of Santorini, in one of the eldest vineyards in the world, dry farmed own rooted vines are cultivated in the shape of “kouloura” to provide refuge from the wind.

To withstand the harsh environmental conditions, such as the strong winds from the sea, dryness, the sandy volcanic soil and the intense sunshine, Santorini vines have developed unique resilient properties, producing highly protective molecules, called polyphenols.

In the rich in polyphenols leaves of Athiri, Aidani and Asyrtiko, three ancient varieties that create the famous wine Vinsanto, APIVITA discovered nature’s elixir of youth, giving birth to a super powerful extract. Studied under the science of Epigenetics, it is proven to reactivate your youth.

Effectiveness based on the most contemporary and precise science for the study of skin, the science of Epigenetics.

The Science of Epigenetics is the most contemporary method for the study of skin genes, which proves that ageing is a procedure which is not defined only by DNA, but also by outside stimulus (environment, nutrition, lifestyle). Epigenetic mechanisms go beyond our DNA programmed aging process and may speed it up or slow it down by switching on or off genes expression.

APIVITA’ s biochemistry lab, with an in-house research based on Epigenetic science, proved that the Santorini vines extract, activates important youth proteins of the skin (sirtuins and NRF2/KEAP1) which are related to skin’s regeneration, detox and antioxidant defense, thus awakening the skin’s inner youth power.

New WINE ELIXIR, a new super powerful anti-aging range

A clinical study with impressive results proved that 93% of women who tried it saw visible improvement in wrinkles, firmness and lifted contours*.

At the same time, the patented propolis extract (patent no. GR 1007520), enhances the formula for ultimate protection against environmental aggressors that accelerate skin aging.

With up to 100% natural ingredients and free from silicone, the new WINE ELIXIR is an entirely new line that awakens the youth of skin, with a new pleasant fragrance that acts as a “mood elixir”.

*Clinical study, 30 women 35-50 years, application twice per day for 28 days

The new WINE ELIXIR line consists of 6 new products, which are dermatologically tested, have very high percentage of natural ingredients, and cover all needs of the demanding skin with wrinkles and lack of firmness.

  • WINE ELIXIR WRINKLE & FIRMNESS LIFT SERUM with Santorini vine polyphenols - 96% natural ingredients
  • WINE ELIXIR WRINKLE & FIRMNESS LIFT CREAM with Santorini vine polyphenols - 97% natural ingredients
    2 types: Rich Texture or Light Texture
  • WINE ELIXIR RENEWING LIFT NIGHT CREAM with Santorini vine polyphenols - 99% natural ingredients
  • WINE ELIXIR WRINKLE LIFT EYE & LIP CREAM with Santorini vine polyphenols - 98% natural ingredients 
  • WINE ELIXIR REPLENISHING FIRMING FACE OIL with grape seed oil polyphenols - 100% natural ingredients