APIVITA presents a new miracle product that finds its place dynamically in the BEE RADIANT face and eye range. The new age defense illuminating BEE RADIANT SERUM with orange stem cells and vitamin C is here to complete the treatment of the damaged skin, to regenerate the cells’ energy and to enhance their vitality.

As we get older, the skin loses its radiance and density and develops wrinkles. The micro-relief of the skin is damaged and the formulation of collagen and elastin, which compose a solid net and contribute to the density of the skin, is reduced. Moreover, part of the light is not reflected and the skin looks less bright.
At the same time, the skin’s elasticity is reduced and wrinkles appear.

With 96% natural ingredients, the new BEE RADIANT SERUM acts in multiple levels, treating the skin’s need for antiaging and radiance holistically:

• Prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
• Restores the radiance and the youthful look of the skin
• Offers even skin tone
• Offers antioxidant protection
• Moisturizes the skin
• Enhances skin’s vitality as an energy booster


Active Ingredients of the BEE RADIANT SERUM

Orange Stem Cells: They include amino acids, particularly proline, as well as organic acids, sugars, peptides and proteins. They restore the skin’s density by enhancing the composition of collagen and elastin. The skin’s micro-relief becomes more even, increasing its ability to reflect the light and the skin becomes smoother, more radiant with youthful looking.

Vitamin C: A stable form of Vitamin C that is gradually released into the skin, offering a targeted and longer lasting action. It reduces discolorations and prevents their creation as well as inhibits melanin formation and melamine, while at the same time enhancing the even look of the skin and offering even skin tone and radiance.

Blackcurrant: Acts as a natural whitening and illuminating agent. With a lightly acidic juice, rich in vitamins and sugars, it contributes to cell regeneration.

Q10: Replenishes the cells’ oxygen supplies by maintaining their vitality.

Lycopene, Pomegranate Oil and Olive Polyphenols: Enriched with natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidant ingredients, it contributes to the preservation of good cell function, offering a healthy look to skin.

Awarded Patented Propolis Extract, APIVITA Innovation: This innovative method refers to the extraction and encapsulation of polyphenols and flavonoids of propolis. For the first time, the active substances are encapsulated in cyclodextrin in order to achieve maximum and steady concentration of flavonoids and polyphenols. The final product is an extract with strong antioxidant properties that increase cell vitality and protect skin from premature aging. Laboratory studies demonstrate its effectiveness in protecting cells from the harshness of the environment and to maintain their vitality.
(Extract Propolis / Propolis Extract, Patent No. 1007520)

Hyaluronic Acid: With very low molecular weight, it offers in-depth hydration to even the deeper epidermal layers and helps maintain the skin’s density, by binding and stabilizing skin’s water.

Wild Rose Infusion: Water has been replaced by infusion of wild rose seeds from Nymfaio in Florina. The pseudo-seeds of wild rose (rosehip) are a rich source of vitamin C, malic acid, anthocyanins, flavonoids and sugars. A significant quantity of these ingredients passes in the infusion offering antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.

With 4 100% organic essential oils: With rose, grapefruit, green clementine and bergamot essential oils which rejuvenate, improve the mood and reduce tension.



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Holistic Radiance Face Treatment

The beauty of the skin is tightly tied to everyday care.

Start with face cleansing, which is the most important step in your daily treatment routine for a healthy, radiant skin.

In order to see a real difference in your face, exfoliate at least twice a week using the exfoliating cream for radiance with bilberry. Exfoliating helps skin's natural ability to regenerate itself and ensures optimum cream absorption.

After exfoliating, the skin needs more specialized care enriched with valuable nutrients. The revitalization and radiance masks with orange or pomegranate are a vital supplement for a beautiful and youthful skin.

The age defense illuminating serum is your most valuable ally to rejuvenate the skin and restore its natural radiance and luminosity. According to studies, the combination of the serum with the face cream improves drastically the look of the skin.

And of course, do not forget to put on sunscreen both in the summer and in winter. The APIVITA SUNCARE sun protection is the most important treatment for the shielding of the skin against premature aging thanks to the patented propolis extract.