How can one suddenly co-exist with his family 24 hours per day and adapt his life and the life of his child exclusively within the house?

And what happens if the children are two or more and were used to be every day at school with other kids and with their teachers, to be involved in many different activities and constantly learn new things?

And what if the parents, who were used to be at work all day, now must work from home and at the same time take care of the daily needs of the family? What ways can they find to keep their kids occupied and also create for them opportunities for learning and inspiration even inside the house?

Nature is showing us its strength, by making us slow down the rhythms of our hectic life and re-examine the true essence of everything.

Children have the ability more than anyone to be fascinated by nature, discovering its uniqueness over and over.

So, let this period be a chance for all of us to adopt a more balanced, more substantial way of life through several activities together with our children, which, inspired by nature, will make parents happy and keep children busy and excited!

1. The bees teach us a good lesson

  • Act like Queen Bee and Stay Home! There are quite a few times that the bees don't go out of the beehive, for example at extreme temperatures (either too high or too low), when it is too windy, during the night, etc. Moreover, the Queen Bee, although she has seen the beauty of nature, deliberately chooses to stay inside the hive for the common good of the community! Therefore, during the 5-6 years of its life, she only flies once out of the hive with the sole goal to be fertilized! So, let's be smart like the bees!

  • Stay Home – Help the Bees! Even at home, we can find simple ways to help the bees during their hard daily journey:

    • Create a bee bath! Bees need water. Finding water can be hard for them sometimes, especially in urban areas. But we could easily help them by creating a bee bath for them! Fill a shallow container- an old plate or a shallow bowl- with fresh water and place a few rocks inside so the bees have somewhere to land.

    • Food for the bees - a garden on our balcony. This period is a very good opportunity to decorate our balcony, and our children can be the best gardeners. Mind that a few neat pots with our favorite herbs on our balcony, of which our children will be responsible to plant and water, can offer some precious food to bees, and at the same time offer many hours of creative work to our kids, create a beautiful space on our balcony, let alone provide us with fresh herbs for our cooking! Thyme, rosemary, clary sage and lavender are some of the favorite plants of the bees, which, above all, require no special treatment and thus can be ideal options.

Art inspired from the life of the bee

The miraculous bee society could certainly be an enormous source of inspiration for our little artists at home! APIVITA has prepared a collection of wonderful drawings inspired by the life of our beloved bee, which you can print out for your children to color, teaching them at the same time to love and appreciate this precious, unique animal! Press here to download and print out the files.

2. Learning to eat and cook healthy

A healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, is more necessary than ever, and now that the parents spend time at home, it is a good opportunity for them to educate their kids towards on this way of life, by helping them love healthy foods and understand how important they are for our organism. At the same time, there is plenty of free time to prepare the food for the whole family together with our children, to speak to them about the beneficial properties of each food and to teach them secrets and combinations to create delicious dishes which will make our little chefs really proud for their creations!

Below you can find a wonderful recipe by Sofia Triantou, certified aromatherapist by Oxford College and responsible of the Aromatherapy Academy at The APIVITA Experience Store:

Recipe for Cooked apples with organic orange essential oil and lavender blossoms:

  • 1 kg of apples
  • 1 cup fresh orange juice
  • 3 drops APIVITA orange organic essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon of goat butter
  • 4 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon lavender blossoms

Peel the apples, cut them in half and remove the middle part. Melt the butter in a bain-marie and when it melts add the orange essential oil (attention, it should not get too hot, only melt). Place the apples in an oven pan. Pour the orange juice, the melted butter with the orange essential oil and the honey over them and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake the apples for 1 hour in 180 degrees, pouring over them occasionally any juice left in the pan. When they are ready, place the apples on a platter, let the juice curdle for some minutes and then pour it over the apples. Sprinkle with lavender blossoms.

3. The importance of physical exercise for a strong immune system

  • Workout at home: Who said that staying at home means immovability? On the contrary, physical exercise can take place anywhere, and it is really important because it makes our organism even stronger against viruses. During this period that we are at home with our children, it is a great opportunity to teach them that exercise must be an inseparable part of our life. So we can exercise together with our children with simple exercises that they can also follow, even with the use of their toys as props. An obstacle course using dolls or cars as obstacles, or even dancing with loud music are simple and easy ways to drain their energy and at the same time spend a fun time!

4. Playing with safety and love for nature and our planet

  • Wash toys and keep microbes away: Did you know that the toys of the children hide many microbes and that they also need meticulous cleaning?  This is certainly a "task" that our children can take on with great enthusiasm!  Besides, which child doesn't love to play with water? To limit the unnecessary waste of water, fill a large bowl with water, add some soap and 4 drops of APIVITA tea tree organic essential oil diluted in one tablespoon of vinegar, and let the children place their toys inside.  They can make a nice "bath" for them and also get the chance to play, hoping they will make the least possible mess- but their happiness is so precious!  Finally, rinse off the toys and let them "rest" and dry on a large clean towel.  Super clean toys and super happy children!

  • Crafts with recycled material: During the period we #stahome, we cook very often, thus producing much more waste.  A great idea that could at the same time help us train our children in the recycling procedure is to urge them to collect all recyclable packaging (boxes, bottles, paper rolls, etc), to create the most beautiful piece of art that they can think of.  They can cut them to give any shape they want, stick them together, color them and create anything, from a small animal to a whole city with many houses, or even a huge castle that they can play inside!

  • Crafts with natural materials: It is certain that during this period we spend at home with children, crafts and arts have a special place during the day.  Very often we may be out of ideas, but the imagination of children has no limits and it can transform the smallest and humblest materials into real masterpieces.  No matter how simple it might sound, the contact with nature, with the help of different natural materials such as flowers, pine cones, leaves, stones, different kinds of fruits, or a little soil, can give to children a great appetite for creation! Give them each time a different subject to inspire them.  Only make sure you have glue, scissors, brushes and colors, and leave your little artists create!