Protection under the sun is the most important step for keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

Few people use face sunscreen in their everyday lives, and even fewer know that 90% of skin aging is due to photoaging. Long-term exposure to the sun without sun protection, can cause premature aging and irreparable damage to the skin. Furthermore, 80% of UVA radiation, which is responsible for skin aging, passes through clouds and windows and reaches our skin every day.

The new APIVITA SUNCARE range has come to address the need to protect the skin from the sun now and throughout the year, with specialized, innovative, natural, effective and holistic products; ideal for every need and skin type.

 New APIVITA Suncare is taking sun protection one step further, combining the use of Mediterranean microalgae with the patented propolis extract-  the global innovation 3D PRO-ALGAE® - offering protection from the sun and photoaging, as well as anti-aging and moisturizing effect at the same time.

6 years of research, 1 globally renowned research program, “Algae Com”, 20 researchers and 2 years of studies at the biochemical lab of APIVITA created the innovative complex 3D PRO-ALGAE®, which is studied and incorporated in cosmetic formulas globally for the first time.

3D PRO-ALGAE ® is an innovative complex with propolis and a versatile Mediterranean microalga, nannochloropsis gaditana, which can be found in Greece, in the sea of Crete. It can preserve the three-dimensional structure of the skin, as it protects and maintains skin thickness, elasticity and firmness under the sun. It moisturizes the skin and combats photoaging, the No1 reason for premature aging. The integration of 3D PRO-ALGAE® in new APIVITA SUNCARE helps keep the skin moisturized, softer, fuller and more firm than ever!

Discover the three specialized Suncare ranges to cover every need:

Anti-aging action, anti-spot protection and oil balance for a total mat look.