Inspired by the Santorini vineyard and the science of Epigenetics, the new Wine Elixir emerged, powered by Santorini vine polyphenols, to reactivate skin youth and to offer proven effectiveness on wrinkles, firmness and lifted contours.

To complete the success of this unique line, APIVITA enriched it with a new multifunctional antiaging product that reduces the appearance of dark spots while protecting from sun damage, the new Wine Elixir SPF 30 for dark spots lightening.

Effectiveness based on the most contemporary and precise science for the study of skin, the science of Epigenetics

APIVITA’s biochemistry lab, with an in-house research based on Epigenetic science, proved that the Santorini vines extract, activates important youth proteins of the skin (sirtuins and NRF2/KEAP1) which are related to skin’s regeneration, detox and antioxidant defense, thus awakening the skin’s inner youth powerThus, it achieves wrinkle reduction, firmness of skin and lifted contour.

Patented Propolis extract

At the same time, thanks to the patented propolis extract, used in all APIVITA face care ranges, it enhances the formula for ultimate protection against environmental aggressors that accelerate skin aging, with an efficacy that is proven by 8 clinical studies.

NEW anti-spot action, with licorice based complex

The sun radiation that reaches us in the last years has increased, threatening our skin even during the months with less sunshine. Time, pollution and the long extension to the sun radiation obstruct the natural production of melanin, having as a result the appearance of dark spots, which become permanent through the years.

The new Wine Elixir SPF 30 for dark spots discoloration is a multifunctional antiaging product that is totally aligned with the needs of the contemporary woman. It reduces wrinkles, enhances the skin’s firmness and offers a lifting effect. At the same time, it discolors dark spots and protects from sun radiation with only one move.

Enriched with licorice extract, a natural complex against discolorations with licorice, althea and rice, it prevents and reduces dark spots by regulating effectively skin pigmentation disorders caused by the sun and by biological aging. At the same time, it protects from UVA and UVB radiation for better prevention from premature ageing and from the appearance of new dark spots.

Antioxidant infusion

Water in the formula has been replaced by an antioxidant infusion from three local Santorini vine varieties, Athiri, Aidani and Asyrtiko, which enhance the antiaging action of the product.

Impressive results in one month

A clinical study on 30 women, 35-50 years old, who applied Wine Elixir SPF 30 in combination with Wine Elixir night cream, has been proven that:

  • 80% of women noticed less obvious dark spots
  • 73% of women noticed a more even complexion
  • 87% of women noticed a more radiant skin

Especially designed to protect the nature and the skin

With respect to the nature and to our skin, the new Wine Elixir SPF 30 includes 89% ingredients of natural origin.

We choose ingredients and packaging materials for our products following the principles of sustainability. The packaging of our products is recyclable, while the paper of our boxes comes from sustainably managed forests.

The herb extracts that we use are produced with a sustainable ingredients’ sourcing policy and they are produced with green extraction processes, which reduce energy consumptions and allow the use of eco- friendly solvents.
We also promote sustainable beekeeping, using more subtle ways which offer products of high biological value and at the same time protect the life of the hive.

New Wine Elixir SPF 30 with Santorini vine polyphenols- 89% ingredients of natural origin

  • Protects against UVB & UVA (PA+++) radiation with natural and organic filters
  • Prevents and reduces the appearance of dark spots caused by the sun or age- related factors with licorice based anti-spot complex.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and reveals a firmer looking skin with lifted contours with Santorini vine polyphenols.
  • Protects from oxidative stress and external factors (pollution, smoke) with the patented propolis extract.
  • Moisturizes with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, olive oil and grape sead oil
  • Dermatologically tested

The complete Wine Elixir range includes also the following dermatologically tested products, with very high percentages of ingredients of natural origin, covering all the needs of the demanding skin with wrinkles and lack of firmness:

The new Wine Elixir range is manufactured in the APIVITA Bioclimatic Factory in Markopoulo, Attica. It is available in pharmacies and selected points all over the world, at The APIVITA Experience Store, 6 Solonos St., Kolonaki, Athens, as well as inside the Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport.