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Spring Time – Detox Time

4/25/2017 11:41 AM

Is it a coincidence that spring is the season of rebirth in all cultures and traditions? Nature "wakes" and is reborn, and along with it so do we! Even when attached in the urban life environment we continue to follow these rhythms, feeling the need for renewal and change!

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Posted in Tips & Products By Marina Vasilara

Did you know that women are late to at least one appointment per week because they are not satisfied with their hair? That 65% of women avoid opening the car window, dipping their hair in water while swimming and even choose not to wear a hat in the sun so that they won't mess up their hair? How does it sound that in the last month as many as 40% of women have cried over their hair?

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Posted in News Tips & Products By Marina Vasilara

We all have seen it and know it. But what are really those unsightly white flakes that annoyingly cover our collar? Dry scalp or dandruff?

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Posted in Tips & Products By Marina Vasilara

It’s the most glowing season of the year, time to spread some magic, grace and reveal your most glowing face for the new year to come! We are here to help you achieve your natural glowing look, and keep your skin healthy and radiant during the festive season and… happily ever after! 

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Posted in Tips & Products By Marina Vasilara

New Arrival: Bee Radiant Serum

9/21/2016 10:40 AM

APIVITA presents a new miracle product that finds its place dynamically in the BEE RADIANT face and eye range. The new age defense illuminating BEE RADIANT SERUM with orange stem cells and vitamin C is here to complete the treatment of the damaged skin, to regenerate the cells’ energy and to enhance their vitality.

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Posted in Tips & Products By Marina Vasilara
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