APIVITA introduces the new absolute experience of wellbeing and rejuvenation, which is inspired by its own DNA, the honey: it carries the name BEE MY HONEY and is a new perfume that is an homage to all these iconic perfumes which awaken our memories!  All aromatic notes blend harmonically, combining a floral sensation with a modern, addictive honey finish.

Its very own name holds a well-hidden secret, a game of symbols and words. The word HONEY has not been written randomly on the bottle: the ending EY (Ef) stands out, and it is a Greek word that is closely connected to harmony (“ef_zin”= live well), beauty and wellness. Thus, this perfume offers a message of optimism and a hidden promise: to live well, to learn and create, to speak and spread your experiences, through a wonderful journey to memories and to the world of BEE MY HONEY!


The best elements of 3 different civilizations are united, because 3 superpowers, each of who has written a piece of history in its own field, get together in an important cooperation to create this unique perfume:

APIVITA, the biggest, growing natural Greek brand, that has its roots in the Mediterranean land, has a strong DNA and a very solid philosophy, inspired by the bee society and the Greek nature.

Spanish group PUIG, a leading group in the field of fashion and perfumes, with emblematic brands such as Paco Rabanne, Carolina Herrera etc, manages to reshape the market by bringing emotion into the pharmacy. For PUIG, passion is audacity.  It is emotion, creativity and innovation.

The French perfume creator Daphne Bugey, one of the strongest, world- known “noses” in perfumery, has the gift to translate values into a perfume and thus to create new memories. According to her, when you want to create something new, “you always need to refer to your memory, where all scents and smells have a name.”

All 3 unite to create the new rejuvenating perfume BEE MY HONEY for men and women, which balances ideally the seductive with the sweet, fresh tones in a unique, unforgettable combination.


The new perfume BEE MY HONEY by APIVITA brings us with its smell for a  walk among the beauties of the Mediterranean… Inspired by the sun-kissed, windswept shores of Greece, it is a fresh and vitalizing fragrance that captures the caressing sweetness of honey fresh from the beehive, blended with the vibrancy and radiance of southern nature.

The new BEE MY HONEY is a modern version of a classical aromatic direction and this is obvious from its impressive aromatic pyramid:

  • Top notes: Mandarin, Lemon and Rosemary lend intensity and revitalization
  • Heart notes: The heart of aroma gushes sweetness and warmth from Orange Flower, Jasmine Petals and Lavender Honey
  • Base notes: Neutral and classic notes from Tonka Bean, Patchouli and Musks


The new perfume BEE MY HONEY is available in pharmacies and selected points of sale in Greece, at The APIVITA Experience Store, 6 Solonos str, Kolonaki, Athens, as well as in several countries around the world.