Have a happy new school year!

September is a month of changes, renewals and new beginnings for all of us, but mostly for the children.
They must eventually leave the summer holidays behind, stop counting how many ice creams they have had or how many times they went swimming, and prepare to start the new schoolyear!
There are many mixed feelings, because every beginning is tough.
Children are small persons, who also need their time to adapt to changes, but there are many ways to turn a tough start into a beautiful and pleasant one and to help them begin the new year with happiness, enthusiasm and good spirit.

1. The Timetable:
To start with, the first most important thing that children love since they were born, is having a precise schedule, because it makes them feel secure, certain and confident. Organize together their program for the new schoolyear, which, apart from the school activities, can also include some extra afternoon activities. Ask them what they would like to do. Music, dancing, sports or martial arts? Encourage them to try new things which will broaden their interests and knowledge and will excite them. Write down together their new timetable with colors and drawings, and hang it in their room. This way they will know what they have to do every day, and they will anticipate the things they love with greater enthusiasm!

2. New purchases:
Kids, just like everyone, love buying new beautiful things. It does not have to be necessary to buy a new schoolbag every September, but you can surely have them choose their new pens and notebooks. You can also cover their new books together and find nice ways to write their name on special name tags, with different colors and stickers. Moreover, extracurricular activities also need certain equipment. Buy together a new pair of sweatpants for sports, a new bathrobe for the swimming lesson or a new leotard for the ballet class; their joy will be enormous, and it will give them even more enthusiasm for their new beginnings. Finally, you can renew their closet with some new clothes for school, such as a new pair of jeans or sneakers.

3. New space arrangements:
Small rearrangements in the space we live in is a simple way of renewal; of course, the same goes for the children, too. Make small changes in your kids’ room, choose together a new pair of sheets, a new frame with their favorite picture, put on some music and rearrange the furniture. Organize together their closet, remove any clothes or shoes that they do not wear anymore and hide small bags with lavender in the drawers, that offer a light, pleasant scent. Clear together their bookshelves and their desk, remove any old books and notebooks and make space for them to place their new ones in the most suitable way for them. Make sure their study desk is placed close to natural light and fresh air. A small vase with flowers, a clock or a wall calendar, are simple and beautiful ideas that will keep them company while they do their homework.

4. Personal hygiene with the right kids’ products:
Up to a certain age, children see bathing as the absolute play time. However, as they grow up, this also becomes part of their routine. At the same time, it is required daily, especially after the numerous activities they have. What we should keep in mind is that the kids’ skin needs special treatment, since it is more sensitive and more prone to irritations and dehydration, more sensitive under sun radiation and absorbs more easily the ingredients of cosmetic products. It is very important to choose products which are specifically designed for the treatment of kids’ skin, hair, body and also teeth.

The APIVITA KIDS range treats gently the sensitive kids’ skin without irritating it, with 90-96% natural ingredients, organic extracts and essential oils, honey and organic calendula infusion. With gentle surfactants, they are free from SLES and soap, which are cleansing agents that often cause irritations, especially on the sensitive skin of kids. Moreover, it does not contain neither synthetic colors, nor phthalates, polycyclic, nitromasks or even gluten, to avoid allergies on people who have gluten intolerance, even by the use of cosmetics that contain this substance. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologically and ophthalmologically (shampoos) tested. Finally, they contain pure, organic essential oils, that are suitable for children, such as geranium, orange, chamomile and bergamot to soothe, lift the mood, treat the skin and offer rejuvenation. A happy bunch of friends full of colors, fruits and flowers, with names that are inspired by the ingredients of the products, which transforms the kids’ bath time into a fun game!

The range includes the following products:

For oral hygiene, use the kids’ toothpaste APIVITA Kids 2+ with pomegranate and propolis and 98% natural ingredients. It protects the sensitive teeth of children from the creation of plaque and carries, and prevents the appearance of ulitis, thanks to propolis, pomegranate and calendula. With pleasant fruity taste, it is suitable for children above 2 years.
Finally, for the little princesses with sensitive lips, APIVITA presents the Lip Care Bee Princess, with 100% natural ingredients, which is organically certified and gluten free. It moisturizes, softens and protects the sensitive lips with nutritious and softening properties, thanks to organic apricot and honey extracts, with soothing action thanks to a-bisabolol and with antioxidant properties thanks to vitamin E.

5. More time for the whole family:
No matter how many new activities we organize for our children, no matter what program we make, no matter how many new things we buy for them, one thing is certain: there is nothing more precious for them and also for us, than spending time together. For the start of the new year, set a goal to spend as many family moments all together as possible. For example, dinnertime is a very good opportunity to have every night the whole family gather around the table. As much as your job is demanding, try to program it in a way that you eat dinner all together every night. Discuss, laugh, share the highlights of your day and make plans for the weekend to come. The most pleasant thing for your kids is to finish their day with you; it fills them with confidence, calmness and certainty and gives them strength for the next day.