For the Christmas season 2018, APIVITA is inspired by the gifts of Greek Nature, and creates the most amazing presents that you can offer to your loved ones.
This time we created real gifts with the most original names, to celebrate the Christmas spirit and at the same time to enhance one of the sweetest traditions: the one of gift sharing.
Offering a gift is one of the kindest and warmest gestures to the persons you love, because it relates to the most wonderful feelings: joy, happiness and love!
“Unboxing” represents the process of exchanging gifts and all the anticipation we feel to discover what the box contains.
Let’ share these feelings with our friends and family, by offering them the most precious gifts the Greek Nature has to offer. Get together, open your beautiful presents and experience the love and the warmth of the Christmas spirit!
Choose among a unique selection of 12 special gifts for every taste and need, in the most amazing festive boxes and pouches that can be used all year long.
Unboxing Greek Nature is our passion… what about yours?


Face Sets
All eyes on Me: 5- Action Eye Serum (15ml) with GIFT Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (100ml)
Shine Bright: BEE RADIANT Age Defense Illuminating Cream- Light Texture (50ml) with GIFT Face Mask Orange (50ml)
My Precious: Face Mask Pomegranate (50ml), Face Scrub Apricot (50ml) with GIFT Express Beauty Mask Bilberry (2x8ml), Express Beauty Mask Pumpkin (2x8ml) and Express Beauty Mask Ginkgo Biloba (2x2ml).

Body Sets
Honey I Love You: Royal Honey Creamy Shower Gel with Essential Oils (300ml), Royal Honey Rich Moisturizing Body Cream (150ml) with GIFT Natural Soap with Honey (125ml) and Bio- Eco Lip Care with Honey (4.4g)
Princess Jasmine: Pure Jasmine Shower Gel with Essential Oils (300ml), Pure Jasmine Moisturizing Body Milk (150ml) with GIFT Moisturizing Hand Cream with Light Texture with Jasmine (50ml)
One Handred Kisses Honey: Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream with Rich Texture with Honey (50ml) and Bio- Eco Lip Care with Honey (4.4g) in a SPECIAL PRICE
One Handred Kisses Hypericum: Hand Cream for Dry- Chapped Hands with Concentrated Texture with Hypericum (50ml) and Lip Care with Cocoa Butter SPF20 (4.4g) in a SPECIAL PRICE

Men’s Care
It’s a man’s world: Tonic Mountain Tea Shower Gel with Essential Oils (300ml) and Men’s Care After Shave Balm (100ml) in a SPECIAL PRICE