APIVITA dedicates the week of May 14 - 20 to the BEE to celebrate the 1st World Bee Day. The United Nations declared 20 May as World Bee Day, following the initiative of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association. Every year on this day, the attention of the global public will be drawn to the importance of preserving bees and other pollinators.

APIVITA through numerous initiatives aims at raising public awareness of the importance of bees and their role to preserve healthy environment and biodiversity. Bees and other pollinators are priceless when it comes to ensuring food supply chain and the preservation of the ecological balance. A third of all food produced in the world depends on pollination. Without the bees and other pollinators, we could lose every third spoon of our food and a variety of food such as apples, almonds, pumpkins, carrots, just to name a few!

For APIVITA the wondrous honey bee society is one of the sources of inspiration ever since its establishment. Even the name of APIVITA is derived from the Latin words APIS (Bee) and VITA (Life) and means “life of the bee”. The APIVITA logo is inspired by the “Bees of Malia”, a rare Minoan piece of jewellery from the Middle Bronze Age (c. 1,700 BC) representing fertility and harmony.

So, let’s celebrate the World Bee Day and Get a FREE Lip Care Honey with every purchase over 50€ during 14/5 – 20/5!