It was a great honor and pleasure for APIVITA to actively participate at the In Cosmetics Formulation Summit 2020 in London, which is the most important summit in the field of cosmetology. With a vast participation of executives from all around the world, this summit aims to capture the biggest trends that lead the industry today, to list them and to analyze them extensively through the lens of leading international experts.

Dr. Konstantinos Gardikis, Director of Research and Development at APIVITA, gave a very inspirational speech with the title "Clean beauty - at the intersection of hype and science. The APIVITA case study”, which has to do with the most important trend in natural cosmetics, Clean Beauty. During his speech he spoke about the example of APIVITA, which, since 40 years has been a pioneer in Clean Beauty, and mentioned the scientific tools that can support it, beyond the hype of the internet.

Please see here for the full schedule of the conference