The bees need us more than ever! According to the European Red List, 9% of the bee species in Europe are endangered.

APIVITA in collaboration with The Bee Camp organize workshops to inform and raise the awareness of the new generation about the importance of the bees to the ecosystem. The Bee Camp is a young team of artists, educators, agronomists and environmental scientists and through educational experience introduces children to the world of bees.

With the motto "Save the Bees", thousands of children in 2019 have "met" the bees, been informed about pollination and how it works through interactive workshops.

The APIVITA Experience Store is the first official Bee Spot store in Athens! On the fourth floor of the store, The Bee Camp team recently installed a Bee Spot, a safe shelter for urban bees.

At APIVITA we strongly believe that only by educating the next generation and by inspiring them to respect and love nature, we will be able to hope for a more sustainable future for all of us and for future generations.

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