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Research and development of innovative products has a history of over 40 years at APIVITA – from the days when its founders prepared natural cosmetics by combining botanical extracts and beekeeping products, such as propolis and royal jelly, at their pharmacy.

In the years that followed, 60 plants and all beekeeping products have been thoroughly studied and more than 100 extracts and oils have been developed.

Today, the company’s Research & Development department consists of renowned scientists from the fields of chemistry, cosmetology, pharmacology, biochemistry and chemical engineering, who carry out advanced research at our laboratories. APIVITA also maintains partnerships with the international academic community, with the aim of conducting extensive research on indigenous medicinal and aromatic herbs and beekeeping products.

The company consistently invests in research targeted at identifying new ingredients, such as mountain tea and wild plants. Extraction methods and innovations are also developed, which place APIVITA among the leading green companies in the world:

The unique, patented extraction method for Greek propolis is used in the suncare line and face care products and provides exceptional photoprotective, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.

Royal jelly liposome encapsulation, which preserves the unique nutrients and properties of royal jelly, increases absorption by the skin and enhances penetration into its deeper layers.

Replacing water with botanical extracts enriches products with powerful antioxidants. The infusions are always selected on the basis of their synergies with other ingredients in the product, thus enhancing their action and maximizing efficiency. They add to the final product properties that go well beyond the mere hydration offered by water, and provide antioxidant protection as well as soothing and anti-inflammatory action.

The development of evaluation methods for raw material efficacy at APIVITA’s biochemical laboratory. An innovative corpus including more than 200 genes associated with skin conditions: antioxidant action, whitening, anti-ageing, photoprotection and hydration. Using advanced molecular biology techniques, raw materials and final products are evaluated in order to select the ones that offer maximum efficacy on human skin cells and human skin tissue.


Since 1979, APIVITA has been following a unique philosophy in creating its products.

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Explore our star ingredients, their uses and properties.

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