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Two young pharmacists, Nikos and Niki Koutsianas, prepare medicinal creams with bee products and herb extracts in their pharmacy.

Niki and Nikos Koutsianas

APIVITA , Greece’s first natural cosmetics company, is established.

apivita is born

Our distinctive black soap with propolis and thyme finds its place on the shelves of Greek pharmacies.

balck soap with propolis and thyme

APIVITA creates therapeutic shampoos with herb extracts and presents them in glass pharmacist bottles.

shampoo with herb elixirs

Launch of the AROMATHERAPY line and the PERSONAL line of tailor made, essential oil based cosmetics. Marketing guru Philip Kotler considers our cosmetic a ”case study”.

aromatherapy line

Therapeutic shampoos rise to the top position in popularity in Greek pharmacies. The company and its natural, effective, holistic products are now present in 4,000 select pharmacies in Greece.


Another innovation. Εxpress beauty masks, in single-dose sachets.

express beauty masks

APIVITA travels to Spain. Today, it is present in 80 El corte Ingles department stores, 650 pharmacies and a flagship store in Madrid.


APIVITA takes its first steps in Asia. Today, the company operates 11 stores in Hong Kong and 10 in Japan.


Development of organic Greek herb cultivation and partnership with local cultivators throughout Greece.


From a cream with honey… to an innovation and a patent. QUEEN BEE. Groundbreaking royal jelly encapsulation technology creates a unique cream. That same year also sees the launch of skin care ranges that address different needs and skin types (First Line, Aqua Vita, Wine Elixir).


The production and packaging unit is launched at the company’s new bioclimatic premises In Markopoulo, Mesogaia.


The APIVITA Experience Store, an innovative store that offers customers a full experience of our holistic approach to health and beauty, opens its doors in the center of Athens.

APIVITA Experience Store

ΑPIVITA, now with a presence in 14 countries, celebrates 35 years of creative innovation.

apivita celebrates 35 years of innovation and development in 14 countries


In 1972, the founders of APIVITA, Nikos and Niki Koutsiana, two young pharmacists, were inspired by the honeybee society, the unique biodiversity of Greek nature and Hippocrates' holistic approach to health, beauty and well-being. Together they created their first natural cosmetics, using beekeeping products and herb extracts.

In 1979, they created APIVITA. The name is derived from the Latin words Apis (bee) and Vita (life), and means “life of the bee” – a name reflecting the philosophy of a company that, being a living organism like the bee, never stops creating value: Value for society, Value for the natural environment and Value for the economy.

Today, APIVITA is a company with a strong philosophy, values, social responsibility, heritage and an innovative outlook. It has evolved into a vast universe of people, products, aims, values, dreams and new endeavors, which ensure its ongoing development.

APIVITA has developed and established over 300 natural, effective and holistic products for the face, body and hair, formulated with beekeeping products of high nutritional value, extracts of Greek herbs and pure essential oils, as well as many green innovations and patents.

APIVITA is a way of life: a life shared with employees in Greece and abroad, suppliers, beekeepers and cultivators, university teachers and researchers, pharmacists and customers throughout the world.

The passion and vision of APIVITA are now embraced by consumers in 23 countries: Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, UK, Ireland, Malta, Honk Kong, Montenegro, Russia, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Tunisia, Switzerland and Morocco.


APIVITA’s international presence, seen through a virtual tour of its premises and stores in different cities around the globe.

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Ever since the day it was created, APIVITA has constantly remained true to its values and to its mission to promote a natural way of life.

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