Long summer days might be a distant memory, but this does not mean that we cannot take advantage of the new season to renew our appearance and our mood. Just before we say goodbye to 2015 it’s always a good time for new year’s resolutions and new beauty habits that will indeed work. Take time and treat yourself with APIVITA’s beauty rituals that will make you rise and shine.


Hair Care
Give your hair the attention it deserves. The best advice for beautiful, groomed hair is no other than to get a good haircut. If you have not already done so, today is the perfect day to book an appointment. Split ends and undefined lines on your haircut will only recover with a more or less brave trimming. But what happens next? Leaving the hairsalon, a brave new world awaits for you: masks and treatments that you can indulge into, while in the comfort of your home. Finally, since Autumn is the season when hair loss seems to take over, make sure that you tone up your hair by offering the best possible help against hair loss

Shop the tip:
• APIVITA Hair Masks
. Natural, silicon Free, with Bio cotton Protection System.
• Complete Propoline line against hair loss
. The Propoline shampoo with lupine & laurel, the toning cream for thinning hair with laurel & honey, the tonic spray with lupine & laurel that can be applied on the roots and the food supplement  with L-cystine & royal jelly is the ideal system to shield the power and density of your hair.


Skin Care

Nothing can compare to a beautiful sunkissed summer face, but a glowing skin is a year round affair. Smooth skin, even tone and healthy look are number one features that define a youthful appearance. So, how can you lighten up your skin against dull weather? By following a shining beauty routine:  proper morning and night cleansing, exfoliation  2 times per week to remove damaged keratin layer that makes the skin look dull and uneven, followed by a day cream that helps skin look radiant. Important secret: do not forget your eyes! Relaxed, bright skin around the eyes without dark circles and wrinkles give the tone to the whole face, affecting the overall appearance.

Shop the tip:
• Brightening Face Scrub with Bilberry
. It is ideal to fight discoloration and dark spots, while you can leave it for five minutes on the skin, while it acts as a brightening mask.
• Natural Serum Radiance with Bilberry and Vitamin C
that gives brightness, reduces discoloration and improves skin's overall homogeneity.
• Anti-aging and radiance line Bee Radiant with orange stem cells
that is consisted of two face creams (with light or rich texture) and an eye cream. Its combination of natural minerals enhances the natural shine of the face and improves skin tone.