APIVITA provides us with all that is necessary for our health and beauty and by doing so, gives us the means to deal quickly and effectively with the usual unconfortable situations of our holidays! Well-chosen favorites, advices and alternative, natural first aid tips. Let’s go for it!

Our No1 summer ally is the sunscreen. APIVITA SUNCARE offers excellent sun protection. Still, for our own best benefit it is important to choose our sun protection, according to our skin type, our special skin needs (e.g uneven pigmentation or sensitivity) as well as according to our everyday habits and activities. In this way we provide our skin a full range sun protection against UVA and UVB radiation. It is also important to follow the instructions for the proper use of a sunscreen and choose special sunscreen products for the sensitive skin of our children.

... and after
No matter how cautious we are, our skin still suffers during summer. A special moisturizing “after sun” emulsion can save us from irritations and dehydration. Our skin will be grateful for that!
Shop the tip: After Sun Moisturizing and Cooling Cream - Gel for face & body with Sea Lavender and Aloe. It is the most specialized and effective product to use after the beach. We love its light, cool texture and its characteristic summer smell.

As cool as it gets!
Nothing can compare to a literally cool cream on the skin. Try keeping moisturizing creams for face, eyes and body, even serums and masks in the fridge! …And enjoy some priceless moments of freshness and rejuvenation.
Shop the tip: Moisturizing face Mask with Sea Lavender will become even more hydrating, refreshing, invigorating and soothing if applied directly from the refrigerator to the skin of your face and neck. Only 10 minutes are enough for this kitchen- made spa experience!

Evening dew
During daytime, we use sunscreen, but what about during the evening? Just before getting ready for a summer night-out, a light, refreshing yet effective moisturizer is all the skin needs to be healthy and glowing.
Shop the tip: Now it is the best time for Aqua Vita Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Cream-Gel with chaste tree phyto-endorphins. Skin will instantly regain its lost moisture, feel and look vibrant, refreshed and rejuvanated.

Kiss the sun
Lips are particularly sensitive to sunrays and have particularly thin skin. Irritated lips when tingling and aching can destroy not only our looks but also our summery mood. That is why lipcare is an essential step in our everyday routine!  
Shop the tip: Try the Lip Care with cocoa butter and spf 20. A highly moisturizing lip balm with sunscreen, ideal for use on the beach or during summer sports.

Intimate Care
During summertime, women have more reasons to be cautious about the hygiene of their sensitive area since it is easier for problems to occur. High temperatures and beach life often come along with fungal infections, dryness and irritations. Swimming in the pool or contact with sand and wet towels can prove to be quite risky too. So, to make sure that nothing can postpone our summer plans, we daily take good, hygiene care of our bikini area!
Shop the tip: Intimate Plus Gentle Cleansing Gel for extra Protection of the sensitive area with Propolis and Tea tree. It offers a sensation of freshness and comfort, cleanses gently and simultaneously minimizes discomfort such as itching and irritation, while recovering the area’s natural balance.

Nature’s Pharmacy First Aid Kit
- Insect bites, swelling and bruises:
Face the annoying mosquito bites effectively!  Apply herbal gel with arnica to relieve itching and swelling. This herbal gel will also relief your tired feet, help treat muscular pain and bruises and will immediately relieve the pain of a jellyfish sting.
- Sunburn: Got sunburned? The herbal cream with hypericum, thanks to its emollient and healing properties, will help soothe mild sunburn. This rich, soothing cream contains different forms of the herb, to maximize its effectiveness:  5% hypericum oil, 0.5% hypericum extract, 70% hypericum infusion.
- Athlete’s foot: Fungal foot infections, also known as “athlete’s foot”, are very common during the summer months. The fungus thrives in warm, moist areas like shower or pool surfaces, or even at the beach. Wash your feet often with a mild antifungal propolis soap and water, and be sure to dry them well after washing, especially the area between the toes.  Keep the herbal cream with propolis in your holiday purse. Propolis is known for its mild antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties.