Over 2000 years now, honey is referred to as a royal ingredient for skin care. Today, APIVITA creates the ROYAL HONEY body care; a unique and valuable body care range that offers deep moisturizing, nourishment and protection, based on the unique properties of honey. The excellent scent of the range reveals yet another innovation, the ability to maintain the characteristic scent of the identity of honey, as offered by nature!

With natural ingredients up to 98%, the new range ROYAL HONEY body care offers:
• Mild cleansing, with respect to the physiology of the skin. With soapwort and natural surfactants from sunflower and coconut oils, it restores the lipids removed during showering, thus acts as a protective shield for the skin.
• Effective hydration, thanks to the hydration complex, another innovation of APIVITA with Greek thyme honey, hyaluronic acid and natural ester.
• Antioxidant protection, by replacing water with an infusion of Greek mountain tea, the extract of propolis to the shower gel and body scrub and Vitamin E to the body cream and body scrub.
• Holistic Rejuvenating Care, thanks to pure organic essential oils, known for their beneficial effects on the skin and mood, and the pure bee ingredients such as honey, wax and propolis, which enrich the composition of all products of the range.



APIVITA Innovation for the new range ROYAL HONEY

The unique scent of the range
For us in APIVITA, the scent of honey is very important. For this reason, we wanted to achieve a special aroma for the range. Our goal was to keep intact the aroma of the identity of honey, as offered by nature. Thus, in collaboration with a leading company in the field of fragrances, we managed to create a sophisticated, unique fragrance for the range ROYAL HONEY. The honey varieties we chose to apply this technique, are the floral and thyme honeys.

It is a patented innovative extraction method, highly environmentally friendly, which is characterized by its top quality. With this method we managed to break down the "olfactory code" of honey, creating an aromatic extract instantly recognizable and very natural. This extract was incorporated into the fragrance of the ROYAL HONEY range, granting it the dominant note.

One could therefore describe the signature scent of the ROYAL HONEY range as: A refined fragrance that embraces varied aromas of nature. In the upper notes the freshness of bergamot and frozen orange are combined with the beauty of the pear blossom. The heart of the fragrance was composed like an impressionist painting of the Apivita Honey and is highlighted with touches of almond blossom, white tea and honey sorbet. The dry down of the fragrance reflects the sensuality and lusciousness of this addictive honey, with the harmony of white wood, transferring images from our flower gardens and bees dipping in the nectar of sensation.

Hydration Complex
The Hydration complex, yet another innovation of APIVITA, includes Greek thyme honey, hyaluronic acid and natural ester. This active combination is beneficial for the skin. Specifically:
• Protects the skin barrier
• Maintains homeostasis of water in the skin and the ability to self-hydrate
• Creates a protective film leaving the skin soft and elastic

The efficacy of the Hydration Complex is clinically proven, based on a study conducted by an independent institute.


Meet the new range ROYAL HONEY
The complete body care range ROYAL HONEY consists of three products, Creamy Shower Gel, Rich Moisturizing Body Cream & Body Scrub.

The creamy shower gel with essential oils ROYAL HONEY gently cleanses the skin leaving it silky and soft. It offers a unique and luxurious feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation for healthy and radiant skin. It contains:
• Saponaria and mild cleansing agents
• Thyme honey
• Almond and olive oils
• Pro Vit-B5
• Beeswax
• Orange, Rose and Beeswax absolute essential oils
• Propolis, Calendula
• Greek Mountain Tea Infusion

RICH MOISTURIZING BODY CREAM - 98% natural ingredients
The rich moisturizing body cream ROYAL HONEY deeply moisturizes, protects and nourishes the skin enhancing its elasticity. It leaves the skin silky soft and subtly scented with the unique fragrance of honey. It contains:
• APIVITA Hydration Complex with thyme honey
• Hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight
• Beeswax
• Shea butter, cocoa butter
• Almond oil, olive oil and olus oil
• Aloe vera
• Lavender extract APIVITA FARM
• Vitamin-E, pro Vit-B5, Bisabolol
• Orange, Rose and Beeswax absolute essential oils
• Greek Mountain Tea Infusion

BODY SCRUB WITH SEA SALTS - 97% natural ingredients
The Body Scrub ROYAL HONEY with Sea Salts removes dead cells in the most natural way offering gentle exfoliation, while preserving the natural moisture and elasticity of the skin. Leaves the skin irresistibly smooth and silky soft, while revitalizing the mood. It contains:
• Dead Sea salt and Greek Sea Salt from Mesologgi
• Thyme Honey
• Beeswax
Cocoa butter, carnauba wax
• Almond and olive oils
• Propolis
• Lavender extract APIVITA FARM
• Vitamin-E
• Orange, Rose and Beeswax absolute essential oils


The new ROYAL HONEY range in brief
APIVITA has created the ROYAL HONEY, a unique and valuable body care range, based on the magnificent properties of honey. With up to 98% natural ingredients, this new range offers deep moisturizing, protection and nourishes the skin deeply preventing transdermal water loss and ensuring healthy skin. Furthermore, the unique natural composition protects the skin from oxidation caused by environmental factors, while the precious essential oils contained, rejuvenate the spirit, providing a luxurious sense of relaxation and wellbeing!

With the new ROYAL HONEY range, APIVITA manages to break down the “olfactory code” of honey to create a natural aromatic extract and to keep intact the unique aroma of honey, while preserving its properties which are most precious to us; offering the body and spirit a unique pampering experience and delight.


The complete ROYAL HONEY body care range is produced in the APIVTIA Bioclimatic Facilities, in Markopoulo, Attica, Greece. It is available in pharmacies, in selected outlets and stores in Greece and in 14 Markets internationally.