During its 35 years course, APIVITA has proven that it has the art to create natural, effective and holistic products, thanks to its deep knowledge on bee products, herbs and their traditional uses. Particularly in the hair care category, APIVITA PROPOLINE shampoo is the indisputable leader in the hearts of the clients, and holds the first place in the pharmacy.

PROPOLINE Hair Care line answers to all contemporary problems by offering organic protection to hair and scalp and by introducing advanced, specialized products which protect the hair, add volume, elasticity and hydration and at the same time tone and rejuvenate the scalp.

The development philosophy of PROPOLINE shampoos is based on the following points:

 1. Natural and gentle cleansing with respect to the skin and hair physiology
With gentle surfactant systems of natural origin (saponaria), which combine maximum cleansing power with respect to the structure of the hair, low irritating profile and a rich, stable foam. Moreover, with the miraculous propolis, which protects and maintains the health of the scalp, it has powerful antimicrobial, antifungal properties while protecting and safeguarding the natural flora of the hair, helping to regulate the oiliness and the excess sebum secretion. Finally, with the organic acacia honey extract, which moisturizes the scalp and improves the quality of hair, since it is rich in sugars, trace elements, vitamins (C, Β1, Β2) and aminoacids.

 2. Effective protection from the environmental attacks
The products of the PROPOLINE hair care line are enriched with the Bio Cotton Protection System, a protective shield for the hair & the scalp which safeguards, strengthens and restores the hair from damages (external attacks, chemical works and mechanical stress) which create split ends and breaking of the hair. At the same time, it enhances the natural defense mechanisms of the skin and scalp, it maintains the balance of bio- flora of the scalp against external attacks and increases the moisture and softness of hair. Moreover, the beneficial action of propolis is necessary thanks to its antioxidant properties, thus protecting the scalp and the hair from the attacks of the environment.  At the same time, it works synergistically with the natural Bio Cotton Protection System, creating  a protective shield for the health of the scalp. Finally, water has been replaced with rosemary infusion, which enriches the base of the shampoo with antioxidant ingredients and tones the hair. 

 3. Holistic approach with essential oils, which enhance the action of the products and offer wellbeing
The 14 organic essential oils included in the compositions enhance the action of the shampoos, rejuvenate and tone the mood. Tea tree, thyme, lemon and rosemary treat oiliness effectively, geranium moisturizes, grapefruit, orange, lemon and bergamot offer glow, invigoration and rejuvenation, lavender calms and jasmine and vanilla improve the mood. 


Finally, on every packaging we have included each  product profile, stating clearly:

  •   •   The percentage of natural ingredients
  •   •   The controls made on the product
  •   •   The natural and drastic ingredients (extracts, essential oils)
  •   •   What is NOT included in the product (free claims)
  •   •   The recycled and recyclable packaging

The new generation of PROPOLINE shampoos are paraben and propylene glycol free, and contain natural fragrances from pure essential oils.


The PROPOLINE Shampoo lines include 14 products which offer a natural solution to every problem:


Hair loss

Tonic shampoo for women with laurel & lupin- 86% natural formula
It invigorates the root of the hair, strengthens and nourishes the toneless hair.  It restores the health of the scalp, improves the look of hair and protects the hair from the environment (sun, pollution).

Tonic shampoo for men with rosemary & lupin- 88% natural formula
It nourishes and invigorates toneless hair, and helps regulate oiliness.  It improves microcirculation in the root of the hair and enhances its growth.


Dry scalp

Shampoo for dry scalp with tea tree & honey- 86% natural formula
Tea tree and propolis address naturally the micro – organisms that cause dandruff and in combination with the willow extract they remove dead cells from the scalp. Honey and jojoba oil were added for their moisturizing and demulcent properties.



Anti-dandruff shampoo for oily hair with cedar & propolis- 84% natural formula
Ideal for controlling oily hair and dandruff through an innovative, natural and effective formula. Propolis, cedar and thyme have mild antiseptic properties in order to naturally address the micro-organisms that cause dandruff.

Anti-dandruff shampoo for dry- colored hair with wheat & propolis- 85% natural formula
It controls dandruff, while at the same time promoting the good health of the scalp, moisturizing and restoring the damages on dry- colored hair.


Sensitive Scalp

Shampoo for sensitive scalp with lavender & honey- 94% natural formula
Without SLES, a surfactant which can provoke irritations on scalp with frequent use. It soothes from micro-irritations and itching.  It is ideal for use between periods of special treatments. Clinical studies prove that, thanks to prickly pear, it can rapidly soothe irritated scalp.


Dry & Dehydrated hair

Shampoo for dry dehydrated hair with almond & honey- 90% natural formula
It helps hydrate and restructure dry-dehydrated hair with wheat proteins, honey, aloe, almond and olive oil.  It nourishes hair with almond and olive oils and protects from split ends with panthenol and phytantriol. It restores hair’s natural softness, shine and elasticity.


Oily hair

Balancing shampoo for very oily hair with peppermint & propolis- 81% natural formula
It helps regulate the over-secretion of sebum, deeply cleanses without causing irritations and promotes the good health of the scalp.  It offers a unique sense of freshness.  It helps maintain the natural hydration of hair and leaves it shiny, without weighing it down.

Refreshing shampoo for oil prone hair with rosemary & propolis- 93% natural formula
Ideal for normal hair with a tendency to oily roots or hair with periodical oiliness. It moisturizes hair while offering volume and glow. 

Balancing shampoo for hair with oily roots and dry ends with nettle & honey- 85% natural formula
With honey and nettle it naturally addresses oiliness. Honey and aloe moisturize and nourish dry ends leaving hair shiny and easy to comb.


Colored hair

Shampoo for colored hair with sunflower & honey- 88% natural formula
Saponaria extract clears hair gently, while sunflower extract help maintain hair color, protecting it from UVA rays. Organic honey extract and panthenol provide additional hydration and softness. Based on pure rosemary infusion to tone hair it is also enriched in with V-eColiA which protects against everyday damaging effects of the environment and styling products.


Fine Toneless hair

Volumizing shampoo for fine and toneless hair with cinchona & propolis- 87% natural formula
Rich in cinchona and propolis extracts, vitamins and trace elements it tones and strengthens hair while improving its elasticity.


Shine & Revitalizing

Shine & Revitalizing shampoo with citrus & honey- 88% natural formula
It revitalizes, gives shine, energy and boost on hair, while protecting it from the aggressions of the environment and from split ends.


Frequent Use

Shampoo for frequent use with chamomile & honey- 94% natural formula
The gentle, natural formula makes this shampoo ideal for every day use, even for sensitive scalps and for children. Chamomile and calendula soften hair and soothe irritations while honey moisturizes and nurtures the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. It is SLES and SLS.