The time has come yet again, to prepare for a wonderful summer! We have to change our mindset, and start feeling happier and lighter, just like our wardrobe! That doesn’t mean that we can throw caution to the wind and skip our facial routine. On the contrary, in order to shine from within we have to shield our skin from the outside! For a naturally radiant and youthful looking skin there are 5 steps we can follow, that offer that and so much more. These 5 steps constitute the APIVITA Holistic Face Care Treatment to rejuvenate skin and spirit!

Every APIVITA face care product offers multiple benefits, and addresses the particular needs of every skin type. All facial treatments are ideally used interchangeably and have a synergistic effect, to offer the best possible results. Daily cleansing and exfoliation, serums, natural oils and specialized masks can be incorporated into a daily care routine, helping maintain a beautiful and healthy looking skin!

APIVITA Holistic Face Care Treatment

1. Cleansing
APIVITA has created the cleansing line, with very high percentages of natural ingredients. It contains mild cleansing agents and natural oils that offer effective cleansing while respecting the skin physiology. The organic essential oils rejuvenate the skin and offer well being.

2. Specialized treatmentface scrubs & masks
Peeling helps cell renewal while deep cleansing offers radiance and smoothness. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, masks act as a bountiful menu for the skin, essential to its health and beauty.

3. Intense treatment – natural serum
APIVITA natural serum line provides maximum results and unique cosmetic care to the skin, with up to 98% natural ingredients. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients and the innovative action mechanism, they penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

4. Basic face care treatment
Using an APIVITA face cream day and night, along with an eye cream, the skin receives a most efficient rejuvenation and protection treatment, that protects it from pollution while maintaining its beauty.

SUNCARE is the most important treatment for shielding the skin from premature ageing. You may choose the formula that suits your skin type best, among the APIVITA SUNCARE wide product variety.

And last but not least…
In APIVITA we love the truth… and the truth is that a cream can never offer exceptional results, unless it is combined with a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet and exercise are essential prerequisites for health and beauty.

We are what we eat, Hippocrates used to say, Beauty starts from within, is what we say…