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News 7/15/2014
Sunscreen Protection with Awards and Distinctions!
If you were told that a resin collected by bees from the buds of young flowers and plants and which they use to protect their hive from external attacks and intruders and also to sterilize t ...
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News 6/23/2014
Every hair problem has its own natural solution…
  It has its own APIVITA PROPOLINE shampoo! During its 35 years course, APIVITA has proven that it has the art to create natural, effective and holistic products, thanks to its deep knowl ...
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News 6/9/2014
New AQUA VITA! Source of life for the skin...
APIVITA presents the new face of AQUA VITA, to give life to your face! As we all know, the role of water to the skin is catalytic. It preserves the health of the cells, reassures the functio ...
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News 5/19/2014
Prepare your skin for the summer…
And worry only about your next destination! The time has come yet again, to prepare for a wonderful summer! We have to change our mindset, and start feeling happier and lighter, just like o ...
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News 5/8/2014
EU Ministers of Agriculture and Fishery visit APIVITA bioclimatic premises
Greek biodiversity offers an incredible opportunity for agricultural development. From 4th to the 6th of May the diversity of European agriculture was placed at the heart of discussions and ...
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