We are happy and proud to announce the opening of two new APIVITA Stores. One APIVITA Experience Store in Nicosia, Cyprus and an APIVITA store in Amsterdam. Should you visit these two wonderful cities, these new “APIVITA hives” offering our entire range of natural products and our SPA treatments are not to miss out if you want to add a relaxing, rejuvenating holistic and beautifying experience in your day. 

The APIVITA Experience Store in Nicosia

Following 20 years of a dynamic presence in the pharmacies of Cyprus, the time has come for APIVITA to establish its own home. The new APIVITA Experience Store in Nicosia is now a reality! It opened its doors at Stasikratous St., one of the most famous commercial streets of the city hosting for over 25 years luxurious shops, boutiques of well-known fashion brands and of trendsetting designers, and also cafés and restaurants of exceptional aesthetics; the ideal neighborhood for the beehive of APIVITA aspiring to give a new colour and beat to this cosmopolitan passage. The two spacious floors of the store host the power of nature, the secrets the bee society, the rich Greek flora and the holistic health and beauty approach unique to APIVITA.  The new store offers innovative products and green services:  the SPA featuring the special APIVITA facial and body therapies constitutes an oasis of relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being at the heart of the city. The APIVITA Experience Store is the new experience for the selective inhabitants and visitors of the Cypriot capital!

APIVITA Amsterdam Store

A brand new beauty “beehive” in the heart of the city of Amsterdam, dedicated to the holistic approach of health and beauty. Inside ΤΗE APIVITA STORE, the products are the real protagonists; they are presented with a special aesthetic mode which combines the traditional design with custom made constructions.  Inside this stylish store, the customer can find more than 300 beauty products for the woman, the man and the child as well as premium Greek honey, teas and infusions of Greek herbs.  Entering the APIVITA Store, the visitor is welcomed by a long table, a symbol of the famous Greek hospitality, where there is always a treat of warm tea with honey- a clear connection to wisdom, knowledge and Greek nature.   The Beehive SPA, a true spa jewel, is a city spa where one can indulge in the unique atmosphere of relaxation.  In the unique Hippocratic therapies one can truly live the APIVITA holistic experience, based on the deep knowledge of APIVITA for the beneficial action of the precious bee products on the rejuvenation of the body and the spirit.

The new APIVITA STORE is a journey filled with knowledge and wonderful experiences…