APIVITA presents the new face of AQUA VITA, to give life to your face! As we all know, the role of water to the skin is catalytic. It preserves the health of the cells, reassures the functioning of the skin and increases firmness and youthfulness, thus protects against premature aging. If we take into account the fact that dehydration is responsible mostly for premature aging, then one realizes how important it is to protect our skin from moisture loss, 24 hours a day.

To provide the skin with the necessary protection, intensive hydration enhanced with antioxidant factors is required. For this purpose APIVITA developed the new AQUA VITA, a complete proposal for Intensive Hydration, Revitalization and Protection from Premature Aging, with high percentage of natural components comprising almost 98%.



•  Offers immediate recovery of the moisture the skin loses daily (24-hour hydration) and increases the ability of the skin to maintain it.
•  Restores and maintains the youthfulness and beauty of the skin.
•  Protects against premature aging and environmental pollution.

Intensive hydration thanks to chaste tree phyto-endorphines enclosed in cyclodextrin and liposomes, in nanoemulsion of vitamins C and E.

Protection from premature aging, thanks to the award-winning patented propolis extract and the infusion of Greek mountain tea

Revitalizing holistic care thanks to 100% pure organic essential oil of geranium.


Active ingredients of the new AQUA VITA

CHASTE TREE (Vitex Agnus Castus) - Hippocratic plant
Chaste tree is rich in phyto-endorphines, similar to beta-endorphin of the human body. The topical application of phyto-endorphines moisturizes and soothes the skin. Hippocrates used chaste tree to treat swellings and inflammations. The inclusion of phyto-endorphines of chaste tree within cyclodextrin, ensures stability and eclectic performance. The encapsulation of cyclodextrins in liposomes, in turn, ensures effectiveness in deeper layers of the skin.

This innovative method refers to the extraction and encapsulation of polyphenols and flavonoids of propolis. For the first time, the active substances are encapsulated in cyclodextrin in order to achieve maximum and steady concentration of flavonoids and polyphenols. The final product is an extract
with strong antioxidant properties that increase cell vitality and protect skin from premature aging. Laboratory studies demonstrate its effectiveness in protecting cells from the harshness of the environment and to maintain their vitality.
(Extract Propolis / Propolis Extract, Patent No. 1007520)

GREEK MOUNTAIN TEA (Sideritis syriaca - Malotira)
The water used in the product composition has been replaced with an infusion* of Greek mountain tea, one more innovation by APIVITA. The infusion of Greek mountain tea offers antioxidant activity superior to that of green tea.
* Approximately 70 % of the cream composition is water. Thus, both the quality of the water and the enrichment with active ingredients, are important parameters for high quality and effectiveness of the final product. The water in which the infusion occurs, is produced in the APIVITA Bioclimatic Factory and is of extremely low electrical conductivity, therefore of extremely high purity ( <1 mS / cm: Conductivity, is even lower than the standards that apply for the use in cosmetic products and corresponds to the ones applied to orally administrated medicines, under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA). This water is therefore an ideal medium for the enrichment with active plant ingredients.

Geranium has beneficial effect both to the skin and the mood. It is suitable for sensitive skin (dermatitis, eczema), has healing properties, regulates oiliness, revitalizes, offers radiance and balances the overall complexion. Regarding the mood, it stimulates, revitalizes, soothes the nervous system and promotes wellness and balance to the body.


Natural – Effective – Holistic

Natural, because of the naturalness of its composition which reaches 98%. Also contains NO PARABENS, SILICON, FTHALATES, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, BUTYLENE GLYCOL, MINERAL OIL. The packaging is environmentally friendly since it is recyclable and of biodegradable paper, FSC certified, from forests that are managed in a sustainable manner. Furthermore, there has been no chlorination (bleaching process which burdens the environment) and does not contain heavy metals.

Effective, based on 20 studies proving that it:
•  Stimulates the production of proteins by 58% (after 3 days, ln Vitro)
•  Improves hydration by 21% (after 28 days study In Vivo*)
•  Reduces the transepidermal water loss by 18% (after 28 days study In Vivo*)
•  Improves elasticity by 16% (after 28 days study In Vivo*)

 *Measurements with instruments and clinical evaluation by a dermatologist who tested 30 women aged 20 to 50 years of age, for 28 days of use.

Holistic, because it moisturizes, protects from the environment and from premature aging, and affects the mood positively.


The new AQUA VITA is available in 3 types

Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Cream for Oily/Combination Skin, 98% natural ingredients
Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Cream for Normal-Dry Skin, 95% natural ingredients
Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Cream for Very Dry Skin, 97% natural ingredients

AQUA VITA constitutes one of the steps of the holistic care of APIVITA, for healthy and beautiful skin.


APIVITA Holistic Care

Inspired by the holistic approach of Hippocrates, all skincare products of APIVITA are combined ideally and synergize to offer maximum results.

1. Cleansing with the product series Cleansing, the most effective way to release the skin from pollutants.
2. Scrub with scrub series Face Scrubs & Masks and Express Beauty, which offer cell renewal and radiance.
3. Deep cleansing with mask series Face Scrubs & Masks and Express Beauty, which release pores and provide astringent action.
4. Beauty Masks of the series Face Scrubs & Masks and Express Beauty, which offer immediate results because of the valuable nutrients and vitamins they contain.
5. Serum by the series Natural Serum, which maximize the effects of the cream, having a high concentration of ingredients which penetrate deeper into the skin layers.
6. Basic face care with products by the new AQUA VITA range, for intensive hydration, revitalization and protection from premature aging.
7. Sunscreen protection by the SUNCARE range, is the most important way to shield from premature aging.
8. Exercise, Nutrition & a Healthy Lifestyle are prerequisites for health and beauty.


The new AQUA VITA is produced in the APIVITA Bioclimatic Factory in Markopoulo, Attica. It is available in pharmacies, in selected outlets and stores in Greece and in 14 Markets internationally.