Beauty routine during summer vacations? Forget trouble and fuss, save time, money and space in your beauty cases! Simplify your life by using your favorite APIVITA products in many different ways to cover multiple needs. Here are some ideas to get your inspired!

- When it’s hot your skin can not tolerate many beauty products. Two drops of the APIVITA Natural Serum Hydration to face & neck, followed by Suncare Tinted  Face Cream SPF30 or Suncare Antispot Tinted Face Cream SPF50 is all you need during a  day in the city or by the sea. Intensive moisturizing, anti-aging action, sun protection and even, natural coverage without using any makeup with 2 single products!

- Colored varnishes are nice and fun but what about the yellow stains they leave on your nails? To remove them, rub your nails with a damp cotton that you have added 2-3 drops of Lemon essential oil from the essential oils range of APIVITA. The same essential oil can be used in combination with Basil essential oil to keep disturbing mosquitoes away on warm summer nights.

- Dehydrated hair under the sun? The APIVITA Propoline Leave In Conditioner for all hair types does not only save you time while shampooing in the shower, but also protects hair and its color at the beach, keeping it soft and hydrated even against wind and sea salt.

-Things you can do with an APIVITA Lip Care: It protects your lips (even against the sun if you choose the Lip Care with Cocoa Butter & SPF20 or with Chamomile & SPF15), puts your... unruly eyebrows in order, fixes hair ends, softens the cuticles around your nails and evens the delicate skin around your eyes.

- Almond oil, our absolute summer must-have! This miraculous, precious beauty oil moisturizes face, body and hair (applied before shampooing as an intensive treatment or after shampooing on the hair ends), can be used to moisturize the eyes, strengthen the lashes, offer gentle and effective make-up removal and finally be an ideal oil base for massage, enriched with the proper essential oils.

- Just a tiny monodose sachet of the APIVITA Express Beauty Masks occupies little space in your beauty case and may prove a lifesaver after a day in the sun! The Express Beauty Moisturizing mask with Aloe and a high concentration of the plant (20% organic aloe juice) in the final product but also with many more moisturizing and soothing active ingredients can perform  as an “alternative” intense after sun cream by treating & relieving irritations, cooling your skin and leaving your face deeply hydrated!