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We are happy and proud to announce the opening of two new APIVITA Stores. One APIVITA Experience Store in Nicosia, Cyprus and an APIVITA store in Amsterdam. Should you visit these two wonderful cities, these new “APIVITA hives” offering our entire range of natural products and our SPA treatments are not to miss out if you want to add a relaxing, rejuvenating holistic and beautifying experience in your day.

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Kids & Suncare

6/22/2015 9:00 PM

Our kids’ suncare is very important. Babies’ and kids’ skin needs special care as it is thinner and its defensive system hasn’t developed enough. Scientists warn us that recurrent sun burns, caused at a young age, increase the chances of problems appearing in the future. They cause damage on kids’ skin, which seems to be healed temporarily, but the damage only accumulates, increasing the danger.

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At APIVITA we approach health and beauty in a natural, effective and holistic way.

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates stated that harmony between body, mind & spirit is an essential prerequisite for health & beauty. Inspired by Hippocrates’ holistic philosophy, we create unique skincare products using a combination of natural active ingredients and extracts, as well as certified organic essential oils, which not only help invigorate the skin but also uplift the spirit and relieve stress.

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If you were told that a resin collected by bees from the buds of young flowers and plants and which they use to protect their hive from external attacks and intruders and also to sterilize the inside of the hive, would have almost “miraculous” antioxidant, photo protective and anti-ageing properties, what would you think?

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It has its own APIVITA PROPOLINE shampoo!

During its 35 years course, APIVITA has proven that it has the art to create natural, effective and holistic products, thanks to its deep knowledge on bee products, herbs and their traditional uses. Particularly in the hair care category, APIVITA PROPOLINE shampoo is the indisputable leader in the hearts of the clients, and holds the first place in the pharmacy.

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Posted in News By Marina Vasilara

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