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«Nature is the most dominant ruler of all»


APIVITA’s new premises are aligned with the company’s philosophy and values and stand as a true-to-life symbol of sustainability, innovation and a groundbreaking interlinking of the workplace and natural environment. They are located at the Markopoulo Industrial Park, Attica, Greece, in an area that was once an olive grove.

In terms of architectural design, the building resembles a beehive.
APIVITA’s “beehive” has gathered under the same roof all of the company’s activities: offices, training facilities, a beekeeping history museum, laboratories, facilities for the production and packaging of cosmetics and the packaging of honey, pollen and royal jelly, warehouses, as well as dining facilities and a staff gym. In the heart of the building, the “Hippocrates” auditorium is used for corporate meetings, training seminars, events and educational programs for our visitors and the public.

The building covers a total surface of 6,830 m² on five levels, two underground and three aboveground, on a surface area of 6,170 m².

The key feature in the central atrium is an olive tree, which had been there before the building’s construction and was replanted in its original position after the premises were completed. Its presence is a universal symbol of peace, victory, wisdom, serenity, protection and fertility.

A space for interactive contact with Greek biodiversity surrounds and complements the factory – a miniature of the company’s sources of inspiration: a small botanical garden (a member of the International Network of Botanical Gardens) with 200 species from the Greek native flora, beekeeping premises open to visitors, and a maze of rosemary and lavender plants which invite us to recharge our energy levels and perceive the uniqueness of the company’s values.

A natural extension to the production unit, the water treatment complex processes the water used as a primary raw material in the company’s production. By employing the most advanced treatment methods (double-pass osmosis) the company uses super-purified water with a conductivity of 0.6 μS/cm.

The building’s design and construction was founded on the following principles:

Simplicity, aesthetics and functionality
Natural lighting and ventilation
Unhindered contact of people in the building with the surrounding environment
Respect for natural resources and local biodiversity
Bioclimatic Design
Reduced ecological footprint
Thermal and visual comfort
Use of recyclable, natural and ecological Greek building materials.

For the management of natural resources, we used:

  1. A geothermal energy system
  2. Photovoltaic power systems
  3. A rainwater tank, where water from the building and from the environment is gathered, to be used for watering.
  4. Biological waste treatment
  5. Green roofs/balconies on the first and second floors
  6. Extensive planting of the surrounding area (5.000 plants and 200 different species) with aromatic and medicinal Greek plants, fruit trees and local native species.


At APIVITA, bee keeping is based on mild practices, the protection of bees and the cultivation of environmental and social consciousness, transparency and fair trade.

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An innovative experience store in the center of Athens, inspired by the honeybee society and Greek nature, committed to promoting a holistic approach to health and beauty.

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