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Greece is home to more than 6,600 herbs, the majority of which (approximately 1,400) are indigenous. Mounts Olympus, Taygetus, Athos and the mountains of Crete are thought to be “botanical treasure troves”!

This wealth was reflected in ancient Greek mythology, where medicinal plants were regarded as gifts from the gods. It is no coincidence that the most important monuments still in existence are located in places that abound not only in natural beauty but in rare plant species as well.

The therapeutic power of herbs is a priceless heritage, and, thanks to the local climate, Greek herbs are counted among the richest in the world insofar as their therapeutic and cosmetic properties.

APIVITA consistently invests in research and development to support ecological and sustainable practices for the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal and aromatic herbs, so we can be certain that all the ingredients used in the manufacture of our products are the best possible for our customers and that the harvesting method is environmentally friendly.

We have established a reciprocal relationship with local producers and agriculturalists and we try to ensure complete traceability of raw materials – “from the soil to the bottle” – while at the same time supporting local agricultural production.

We share with them a common passion for herbs and the know-how to ensure that our raw materials are of the highest possible biological value.

Additionally to our partnership with producers throughout Greece, we have also developed our own cultivations on Mount Olympus, in Arcadia and Phthiotis, focusing mainly on indigenous plants, such as lavender, lemon balm, sage, chamomile, marjoram, rosemary and mountain tea.


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At APIVITA, bee keeping is based on mild practices, the protection of bees and the cultivation of environmental & social consciousness, transparency and fair trade.

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