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Inspired by the Hippocratic philosophy, Greek nature, the power of aromatherapy and the deep knowledge of precious bee products, APIVITA has created a unique series of holistic, natural and effective treatments – the APIVITA SPA.

The combination of natural APIVITA products with innovative treatments for the face and body and special massage techniques offers a comprehensive experience of relaxation and promises to imbue body and mind with the ultimate sense of well-being.

The philosophy of Apivita Spa is best expressed through 5 fundamental principles:



Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”, was the first to introduce a holistic approach to health and provide education on the importance of prevention, as opposed to treating diseases. He made scientific use of the therapeutic properties of herbs and essential oils, in combination with various kinds of massaging techniques and the use of water as a means of purification and healing. Those principles for the function of Hippocrates’ Asclepieion have found a new meaning today in the APIVITA SPA treatments.



Aromatherapy’s roots go back to antiquity. It is today becoming more and more important to contemporary men and women, offering as it does easy and natural ways to improve our quality of life. In APIVITA treatments, we use 100% pure organic essential oils of high penetrability, due to their low molecular weight, which means they can be easily absorbed into the skin and invigorate it in depth. Meanwhile, they have a positive impact on the mind and mood.



In recent years, scientists have recognized the important role Mediterranean Diet plays in both the prevention and outcome of complex diseases. The Mediterranean Diet, including an abundance of precious nutrients and olive oil, never ceases to be a source of inspiration for APIVITA. Because your skin needs exactly the same things that your body needs to stay healthy. In the APIVITA SPA treatments, the exceptionally rich, potent fruit and vegetable masks – including cucumber, orange, pomegranate, aloe, grapes – are paired with shots of fruit and vegetable juices for real detoxification and inner beauty. “You are what you eat”, Hippocrates said. Our treatments are the most natural and delectable embodiment of this credo.



APIVITA incorporates in its treatments all of the products of the bee, such as the purest natural source of energy, honey, known for its rich moisturizing and repair properties; pollen, containing most of the vitamins necessary for skin beauty – including vitamin A, which is essential for skin firmness, youthfulness and suppleness; nature’s miracle-working antiseptic, propolis, ideal for the treatment of acne and excessive face skin oiliness; and, finally, royal jelly. The fact that royal jelly is the exclusive food of the queen bee, giving her a longer life span, speaks volumes about its health benefits.



APIVITA turns to the lush Greek flora with its 6,000 plant species, of which about 1,000 are indigenous, for unique products to incorporate in its treatments – such as almond oil, mastic oil, plant oils from our own farms – which offer skin plush suppleness and hydration, while actively boosting anti-aging treatments. At APIVITA SPA, each treatment is a unique “beauty journey” through the precious gifts of Greek nature. The selection of all natural ingredients is based on clinical studies that prove their efficacy.


The Mediterranean Skin Food Menu is a unique treatment menu based on the nourishing, antioxidant ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. It is a well-known fact that our body needs a variety of nutrients and vitamins on a daily basis, in order to stay healthy. Our skin needs that same variety of nutrients offered by the Mediterranean soil in order to remain beautiful and glowing.

The Mediterranean Skin Food is an effective, holistic treatment offering inner and outer beauty. Throughout the treatment, fresh fruits and vegetables are used on the skin, and each treatment is completed with delicious natural juices that detoxify and promote overall health. Choose from APIVITA’s Mediterranean Menu the treatments that are right for you, according to your skin type and needs, for effective invigoration and renewal.


Cleansing is the most essential step for beautiful skin. When pores get clogged with debris and sebum, the skin cannot absorb the active ingredients of a cream and tends to look dull and lifeless. Deep Face Detox takes advantage of the beneficial, detoxifying properties of clay to rid skin of excess sebum, debris and blackheads. The treatment includes aromatherapy steaming with lavender or clary sage essential oil. Steaming increases sweating and the skin is hydrated and softened, so that sebum is more easily removed.


“Royal treatment” to firm and repair mature skin, based on the exceptional benefits of royal jelly and honey. Royal jelly – this invaluable elixir of life and youth, rich in fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates and trace elements – nourishes, rejuvenates and brightens skin, while honey nourishes and hydrates. The unique APIVITA lifting face massage in combination with a special, energy point activation "acupressure diffusion" technique helps boost cell renewal and skin regeneration, offering a natural lifting effect that invigorates, softens expression lines and stimulates microcirculation. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind journey through the world of the bee which will satisfy even the most demanding of skins.


The ideal solution for those who prefer a quick yet rich in nutrients and vitamins “skin menu”. Immediate results… in EXPRESS time. Can be combined with our body and massage treatments.


APIVITA turns to the lush Greek flora with its 6,000 plant species, of which about 1,000 are indigenous, for unique products to incorporate in its treatments – such as almond oil, mastic oil, plant oils from our own farms – which offer skin plush suppleness and hydration, while actively boosting anti-aging treatments. At APIVITA SPA, each treatment is a unique “beauty journey” through the precious gifts of Greek nature. The selection of all natural ingredients is based on clinical studies that prove their efficacy.


The eyes are the mirror of the soul. This is why they deserve the best possible care and treatment. APIVITA BEEHIVE SPA offers 2 specialized treatments for fighting wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in the eye area. Depending on your needs, choose the appropriate treatment. The combination of each treatment with the APIVITA signature massage for eyes stimulates microcirculation in the eye area, while soothing and reviving the skin.

Men’s Invigorating Facial (55 min)
Rejuvenation and wellness with cardamom and cedar

A relaxing and invigorating face treatment especially designed for the needs of the modern man. The treatment begins by releasing withheld tension with the APIVITA relaxing back massage. The face treatment that follows, offers deep cleansing, tones and moisturizes the skin while combating darks circles and signs of fatigue in the eye area.


Body scrubs are necessary in order to rejuvenate and renew the skin. APIVITA body scrub treatments can be used in isolation to remove dead or dry skin, or as a preparation for any massage. Choose among the following treatments, according to your skin needs to maintain your tan, and to obtain a glowing, soft and healthy looking skin.

• EUPHORIA BODY SCRUB with jasmine & white tea
• REJUVENATING BODY SCRUB with orange & ginger
• RELAXING BODY SCRUB with vanilla & honey
• HONEY BODY SCRUB with honey and almond
• AEGEAN HERBAL BODY SCRUB with sea salt & lavender

Τreatment against cellulite and local fat with red and black pepper

A unique APIVITA treatment against cellulite that utilizes the power of red and black pepper. The seaweed body mask enriched with essential oils, combined with cellulite massage, activate the lymphatic system to remove toxins and reduce water retention. The active ingredients For best results we recommend repeating the treatment for at least 3-6 times.

Body treatment with olive oil and cretan sea salt

A wonderful journey to the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. A herbal scrub with Cretan sea salt and olive oil, rich in minerals and trace element, will remove dead cells from your skin while leaving it soft and rejuvenated. Following this, the unique APIVITA signature body massage with olive oil, enriched with the appropriate essential oils selected according to your needs, will deeply moisturize and nourish your skin while lead you to the ultimate relaxation, inner harmony and balance.

Detoxifying body treatment with green clay and olive grains

An effective detoxifying treatment that involves body scrub with olive grains, followed by APIVITA’s hot mask with green clay and essential oils. The unique body massage, with emphasis on reflexology points activates the decongestion and detoxification of the body. This body detox treatment ideally complements a programme of weight loss and detoxification.

Rejuvenating, rich body treatment with royal jelly and honey

The “Queen” of treatments, an elixir of youth, designed exclusively to utilize the nourishing ingredients from the hive of APIVITA. The crystallized honey exfoliates the body while at the same time moisturizing and softening the skin. The luxurious body massage that follows relaxes the senses. The treatment includes a short facial with fresh royal jelly that nourishes, rejuvenates and restores glow and vitality to even the most demanding skin. This “sweet” treatment improves the texture of the skin and offers spiritual wellbeing.

Refreshing foot treatment

Refreshing and rejuvenating treatment for tired feet. Dead Sea salt combined with the essential oils, ideally relax not only the feet and body but also the senses. Together with specialized massage techniques and pressure on reflexology points on the feet, this treatment provides a unique feeling of relaxation. Perfect partners with a pedicure and/or an Express Mediterranean Skin Food face treatment.

APIVITA Aromatherapy Massage

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods and one of the basic practises of aromatherapy. Massage provides not only a wonderful feeling, but stimulates all the organs and eliminates toxins. The use of essential oils is an ideal way to relieve stress and tension, and to deal with a plethora of symptoms. The APIVITA aromatherapy massage leverages APIVITA’s deep knowledge of aromatherapy and maximizes the effectiveness of essential oils. It has a wonderful feeling, stimulates circulation of blood and lymph, and relieves pain in muscles and joints. Choose one of the unique APIVITA massage oil blends, enriched with the suitable pure essential oils according to your needs, and enjoy a unique body massage for the ultimate relaxation.

• Relaxing – Distress massage
• Revitalizing – Energizing massage
• Detox – Muscle Relief massage

APIVITA Signature Massage

APIVITA signature massage, an exclusive APIVITA treatment, is a unique combination of traditional massage techniques such as shiatsu, reflexology and more modern methods of Western civilization, such as deep tissue massage and aromatherapy massage. It promotes good health, stimulates the immune system, offers relaxation, wellness and awakens the senses. The combination of massage techniques and the use of essential oils offer relaxation and effective regeneration of the body.


Aromatherapy baths with essential oils and sea salt are a beneficial combination for the skin and the body. The relaxing properties of lukewarm water support the action of the selected essential oils that according to your needs they will rejuvenate you, offer you energy or relax you. Aromatherapy baths can help alleviate stress, muscle pain relief .


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