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We promote mild beekeeping practices. We only harvest 40% of our beehives’ production, leaving 60% of the honey on the honeycombs. For the protection of our beehives, we only intervene with the use of essential oils and natural extracts.

Bees are guardians and protectors of biodiversity. Through pollination, they contribute to the maintenance and reproduction of the ecosystem. The beehive is a super-organism, governed by the principle of the common good. It is a sustainable society, working in perfect harmony to provide high nutritional value products.

APIVITA partners with selected beekeepers who share our values centered on ecologically sustainable development. APIVITA’s approach to beekeeping is based on high quality, raw material traceability, innovation and effectiveness, the cultivation of natural and social intelligence, transparency and fair trade. We believe in comprehensively supporting agricultural life and we strive to produce innovative, high quality beekeeping products, while supporting the Greek beekeeping community.

Year after year, we do our utmost to produce honey, pollen and royal jelly free of pesticides, antibiotics and chemical residues. To this end, we are collaborating with universities that provide rigorous quality assurance and sustainability standards for the beekeeping products we harvest.

We also keep our own beehives. APIVITA’s 200 beehives remind us daily of our roots. Depending on the time of year, we move our beehives from the almond trees of Attica to the mountains of Arcadia, among the indigenous herbs and the apple and cherry trees. In springtime, and later in summer, they “climb” up to the fir trees of Mount Mainalo, to return to Attica in Autumn, when the chestnut trees blossom.


APIVITA follows sustainable practices in the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal and aromatic plants, ensuring that the ingredients used in the formulation of our products are of optimal quality and that the harvesting process is environmentally friendly.

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APIVITA’s new premises are aligned with the company’s philosophy and values. They are a symbol of sustainability, innovation and the groundbreaking interlinking of work and natural environments.

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