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Rosa maschara, commonly known as musk rose or rosehip, is a species of rose long in cultivation. Its wild origins are uncertain but are suspected to lie in the western Himalayas.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed roses symbolized Aphrodite, the goddesses of love. The flower was said to have sprung or been colored by the blood of Aphrodite's dying love, Adonis.
Hippocrates used it to treat female disorders including menstruation.

  • Rosehip oil contains fatty acids (Ω3-Ω6) and high levels of vitamins A & CO.

  • Helps to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, improves the skin appearance and offers brightness.

  • Fights wrinkles by hydrating the skin and offering rich nourishment.

  • Improves skin elasticity as it promotes tissue growth and collagen production.

  • Ideal for mature and dry skin.

  • Used internally in the treatment of colds, influenza, minor infectious diseases and diarrhea.

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