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Resveratrol is an important phytoestrogen known as the ingredient of longevity. It belongs to a class of polyphenolic compounds called stilbenes and it is a potent polyphenolic antioxidant. Some types of plants produce resveratrol and other stilbenes in response to stress, injury, fungal infection, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Resveratrol's most abundant source is found in the skin of red grapes, in berries, in peanuts, and the Japanese knot weed.

  • Reservatrol stimulates the production of sirtuins, which serve as the 'guardians' of the cell and are considered the proteins of youth, responsible for the longevity of cells.

  • Reservatrol highly impacts on the reduction of the depth on the surface of the fine lines and wrinkles as well as on their number.

  • It offers an antioxidant protective shield against free radical damage.

  • Reservatrol promotes skin thickness, elasticity, radiance and glow.

  • It also has significant anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Resveratrol inhibits proliferation of skin epidermal cells and stimulates their differentiation.

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