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Marjoram is indigenous to the Mediterranean area.

Marjoram was grown in Egypt over 3,000 years ago. The ancient Greeks and Romans crowned newly married couples with this herb as a symbol of happiness.
Sweet marjoram has grown so profusely in Sicily that it remains, to this day, on the coat of arms of the ancient city of Marjora from which it gets its name.
In Crete, marjoram was a badge of honor worn by the most distinguished leaders.
The Greeks believed that if a girl placed marjoram in her bed, Aphrodite would visit her dreams and reveal the identity of her future spouse.
Marjoram is traditionally used as a seasoning and in tea due to its pain-relieving properties on the body. Hippocrates also used it for its antiseptic properties.

  • The essential oil has pain-killer, muscle relaxing, calming and soothing properties and works against insomnia.

  • Increases ability to focus and lessens hyperactivity.

  • Lessens stress and anxiety and clears mild depression.

  • Internally, marjoram is used in the treatment of bronchial complaints, tension headaches, insomnia, anxiety, minor digestive upsets and painful menstruation.

  • Externally, it is used to treat muscular pain, bronchial complaints, arthritis, sprains and stiff joints.

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