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Cucumber originated in the wild at the foothills of the northern India mountains where similar species still grow. However, it wasn’t until 3,000 years ago that the cucumber was first cultivated in India. From India, it then spread throughout Greece, in ancient Thracea (where it was called sikyon) and Italy. When Columbus discovered America, he brought the cucumber with him as well as many other cultivational crops.

Emperor Tiberius reputedly had cucumbers on his table throughout the year.
In Paris, around 1902, cucumber perfume had a brief highly fashionable season.
In Greece, Hippocrates used it to treat constipation as well as diuretic problems.

  • Cucumber has moisturizing, cooling, soothing and revitalizing properties and is used in eye patches, face creams and after sun products.

  • It also enhances skin elasticity.

  • Cucumber helps treat constipation and stomach problems as well as indigestion in children.

  • Externally, it can be used as a poultice for burns and sores.

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