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Native to Europe, Siberia and North America. Arnica grows in mountain meadows, pastures and in sparse forests up to the alpine level.

The name arnica is derived from the ancient Greek word "arnakis", meaning lamb's coat, and refers to the felt-like sepals covered in soft hairs that surround the flower. The word montana refers to its natural habitat in the mountains. Arnica has been used for many centuries and in America the American Indians used arnica to produce healing ointments and tinctures.

  • Arnica extract is used for its decongestive, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

  • It improves blood circulation, detoxifies and accelerates healing.

  • Arnica is used to treat external injuries such as bruises, sores, traumatic injuries and sprains.

  • It also stimulates hair follicles.

  • Internally, it has been used in the treatment of heart complaints and as a booster for the immune system.

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